Nokia 3310 ‘Wolverine’ Slated For a Rebirth at MWC 2017

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Nokia 3310 ‘Wolverine’ Slated For a Rebirth at MWC 2017

HMD Global, the Finnish company that has the rights to use Nokia’s brand has practically provided today’s market with the most surprising news ever as the latest reports suggest the return of Nokia’s long-running3310 and the fact that this black and white smartphone is again slated to make an appearance at a major smartphone forum speaks enough of its credibility and how highregard people hold it in. This hardy device from Nokia has a very strong reputation of being absolutely indestructible be it the hardest and longest drops. In an age where everyone possesses a state of the art smartphone which are very much damage-prone and high maintenance.

The Nokia 3310 is expected to resurface at the MWC 2017 event in Barcelona on February 26.

Models like the 3310 were missed hugely by the mass, especially the ones who have the habit of keeping multiple cell phone numbers. After the device’s production was stopped, there were only a handful of sets available in the market with people moving towards higher-end devices. Now, the 3310 is slated to make an appearance alongside its technologically superior counterparts but that will hardly take any shine away from it. And by a certain amount, the premise surrounding the re-launch of the Nokia 3310 is larger than the ones surrounding the company’s other forthcoming offerings like the Nokia 6.

Launched in 2000, the original 3310 was retired in 2005 having sold 126 million units, making it the world’s best-selling phone. Dubbed by many as the Wolverine of the handheld device world, the 3310 is slated to come forth preserving all the original specifications which the original mobile sported, making it a device definitely worth a buy just to down memory lane. And an indestructible one at that too. The device will support normal text messages with the number of emojis remaining the same and the call log is as simple as anything. No hassle. A smartphone user might make the mistake of touching the device screen but there are four dedicated buttons on top of the keyboard for navigating. Initial features like the assortment of ringtones and creating of tunes have also been retained along with games in the likes of Snake. A game which has probably been the first game foralmost everyone today. Alongside durability, another major USP of the 3310 is its battery life which can go on for more than two days on a single charge.

The new 3310 model is likely to cost just €59 (about Rs 4,200) and is expected to surface at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on February 26, post which the device will be made available by the company.

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