No Man’s Sky PC Launch Delayed, Trailer Hints at Gameplay

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No Man’s Sky PC

No Man’s Sky, an upcoming video game from Hello Games, has delayed the release of its PC versionto August 12, while apparently, the launch dates for PS 4 still remains the same. While the makers have not given any official information about what may have caused the sudden delay in the game’s PC launch, PlayStation 4 players are still slated to get the game on August 9 in the US and on August 10 in Europe.

The game that has been hailed as the next big thing in the gaming world has been through some rough patches regarding its launch. It was originallysupposed to surface in June this year, but its release date was pushed to August, thus inviting a terrible bout of hostility towards the creators, including hate mails and even death threats from gamers everywhere. The latest delay therefore comes as a bit of a surprise.

To understand the phenomenon that No Man’s Sky has become even before its release, let’s take a look at what the upcoming game really is. The description on the game’s official website seems to be quite vague, calling it “ascience-fiction game set in an infinite procedurally generated galaxy”. But the makers promise that it will deliver an experience quite different from others in the action-adventure-survival genre.

The game is builtaround the four tenets ofexploration, survival, combat and trading within a universe that includes over 18 quintillion planets, each with their unique traits. A trailer of the game shows that the player-persona will be facing suitable as well as hostile environments as he travels through different worlds, and while he will be able to survivefor a while in anadverse environment, hisexosuit will start blaring out warnings that it can no longer protect him from the harshconditions.

The player will then need to venture out into the hostile terrain in order to find resources that can help him survive. But in doing this, he may encounter many dangers and even death. Additionally, the player would also have to keep a lookout for hostile animal life as well as sentinel drones, which could shoothim in case of any law being broken.

All in all, players still need to wait for a while to really see what the play of the game will be like.

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