No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date Speculations: Series to air in 2017?

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No Game No Life Season 2

No Game No Life Season 2: The ending of Nōgēmu Nōraifu, better known as No Game No Life, which was last aired in 2014 had left fans begging for more. Ever since then, the popular anime series has been much hyped to chalk out plans for a second season soon. The series follows the storyline of two stepsiblings, 18-year-old Sora and 11-year-old Shiro, who combine their skills to make up the undefeated gaming identity known as Blank. Originally a light novel series by Yū Kamiya, the story was adapted as an anime series for the television by Madhouse Studios. It debuted on AT-X in Japan and was broadcast by Crunchyroll outside of the country.

No Game No Life Season 2

Season 1 of No Game No Life concluded after 12 episodes, the last of which aired on June 25, 2014. The novel series, on the other hand, has nine published volumes up to August 2016, of which only about three were adopted as part of the anime series. Needless to say, this is enough for anime lovers to speculate over the possibility of No Game No Life Season 2, and several dates for the rumoured upcoming season have been announced by sources since then. But to consider all the associated factors, a second season of No Game No Life does not seem like too much of a stretch.

Update: The No Game No Life series still retains a prominent presence in the world of anime and manga. It came to light in early October that the anime was picked up by the Kuala Lumpur-based VOD service iFlix. iFlix has quite a significant position among video on demand services in the South East, and claims viewerships across the region including the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia. This is good news for Non-Japanese audiences, as No Game No Life is available on iFlix with English subtitles. Moreover, a spinoff based on the original light novels, was recently picked up by Yen Press. The US-based publication announced their license to the manga that has been in existence since 2015 in late October. Yen Press will release the first volume of No Game No Life, Desu! in spring 2017. Since the series, in all its avatars, still evokes so much of demand, it is hard to believe Madhouse will leave a series with such potential in the middle of a major plot point. In fact, speculation is rife that fans will get to see No Game No Life Season 2 as early as the first quarter of 2017.

Original Story

No Game No Life Plot and Storyline

The anime adaptation of No Game No Life follows Sora and Shiro, the two stepsiblings who prefer to remain isolated from the rest of the world after the loss of their parents. But they heavily rely on each other’s company, which becomes invaluable in the gaming world as each of their unique skill set makes them the most formidable gamers around. They are known in the gaming world as Blank, identified by the empty spaces they use in place of their in-game names.

Their invincibility in any game attracts the attention of the god of games, Tet, who offers them a chance to go to an alternative reality, known as Disboard, a world which forbids any violence and where all disputes are resolved only by playing games. The duo accepts the offer and embarks on their journey to prove their reputation as the undisputed champions of gaming by conquering the virtual world and challenging the god of gaming himself.  Thus the responsibility of representing all of mankind in the virtual world and stand up for them falls on the shoulders of the siblings.However, where their gaming adventures finally lead them was left incompletely addressed in No Game No Life.  The last aired episode of the anime basically ended at a time when the story was just beginning to heat up, leaving fans craving for more.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date: 

First off, the anime series was a huge hit with viewers all over, despite what critics have to say about the quality of the adaptation. The ending of No Game No Life left the story in an incomplete state; add to that the fact the series is still doing well in terms of sales and popularity, and what we have on our hands is a recipe for a successful second season.

However, many argue that Madhouse has a reputation of not opting for continuation for many of their series. While things in the entertainment world rarely are that simple, it is true that Madhouse has trailed off to work on other projects leaving certain series unfinished. It also holds true that the studio has a lot of other projects lined up for the near future, which include a Mahouka movie adaptation, and the upcoming series Tenkyou no Alderamin. So chances of a No Game No Life Season 2 appearing this year are rather slim.

But fans refuse to give up hopes for a continuation. The official Twitter account for the No Game No Life series announced earlier that an anime movie adaptation of the novel was in progress, which would be based on the sixth volume. So evidently, the makers have not entirely given up on the series. Moreover, it appears that the novel series is still in continuation mode. So unless there is a drastic drop in sales, it would make sense for a second season of the show to appear. However, no one has yet been able to confirm when an announcement will be made.

On the bright side, a Reddit post claims that the series’ official publisher in Brazil, NewPop, may have accidentally leaked information about Season 2 of No Game No Life. Upon being asked about the fate of the manga being published in Brazil, NewPop’s director reportedly replied, “With the second season of the anime, the manga should keep going.” The poster also says that it is quite possible that NewPop already has legitimate information about the second season, as they should already be negotiating publishing rights.

So while we apologise for not having any official information about No Game No Life Season 2, it looks like there is a solid possibility for the show being renewed. Many had speculated that the fresh season might be announced sometime before 2016 was up. But with Madhouse being pretty occupied at the moment, chances of that happening look slim. For fans who think 2017 will be the fateful year, it doesn’t make much sense as a three-year delay between the seasons of a series also seems far-fetched.

If the studio does decide on continuing the series, we sure hope to hear the news at the earliest. Stay tuned for more updates about No Game No Life Season 2.

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