Nintendo Switch: The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly one of the most awaited gaming consoles lined up for next year. The Switch promise to be an able competitor for existing heavy hitters from Microsoft and Sony thanks to its hybrid build. Moreover, with the Wii-U now confirmed to be discontinued, Nintendo aims for the Switch to be the sole focus for its fans for now. But besides the exciting launch trailer that depicted some of the features of the Nintendo Switch in all their glory, we really do not know much about the upcoming console’s specs. But now a new reason has appeared for Nintendo fans to talk about the Switch- a price leak.

Nintendo Switch

Recently, the Nintendo Switch was spotted listed on the website of Canadian retailer Toys R Us, albeit for a brief period of time. According to this listing, the Nintendo Switch will come with a price tag of $329.99 Canadian dollars, which roughly translates to about $245 USD. That is actually lesser than the $300 we had guessed fans would have to shell out for the Switch, and we think it is part of Nintendo‘s strategy to place the console at a position of favour compared to the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One, prices for both of which begin a little higher. However, there is no official information from either Nintendo or the retailer about the veracity of the information. But considering that Nintendo is banking on the Switch to make up for the Wii-U’s unpopularity, the competitive pricing does make sense. In fact, a UK-based retailer has confirmed to Let’s Play Video Games that initial prices in the country will begin at 199 GBP. However, chances are that higher ranged options will also be available based on storage and the games they come bundled with.

But not everyone is resting at ease about the Nintendo Switch’s lower price tag. A report on Slash Gear, for instance, discusses how the pricing may be more bad news than good. As we already know, the Nintendo Switch features a custom Tegra Chip from NVIDIA that the company claims will ensure the best possible performance from the Switch’s 7.0-inch display. However, the aforementioned report points out that the Tegra is, in fact, the very same chip found inside Android tablets. Considering that the price on the listing also coincides with most mid to high-end tablets, we may be looking at weaker gaming graphics than we expect on the Nintendo Switch.

Whatever it may be, it looks like gamers will not be disappointed with the array of titles they will be offered on the Switch. Nintendo has already tied up with names like Ubisoft, EA, Konami and Capcom and there is more on the way. Nintendo’s own popular titles like The Legend of Zelda and Super Mario will also be thrown into the mix.

The Nintendo Switch is set for release in March 2017. Stay with us for more updates.


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