Nintendo Switch CPU and GPU Clock Rates Revealed, Promises Better Performances

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Nintendo Switch CPU

Nintendo has been in the news for quite a long while now and all the news revolves around their upcoming gaming console The Switch. And this one is about how the CPU and GPU perform when they are put to test. The results do promise a lot and it seems that it is going to be one of the best in the recent times.

The recent reports have revealed that the Nintendo Switch is going to be coming out with a CPU having Four ARM Cortex A57 Cores. 2 GHz is reported to be the clock speed of the CPU. The GPU is clocked at a maximum working speed of 1 GHz. The GPU will be having 256 CUDA as its core.

Earlier reports had suggested that there will be a shift from the Tegra X1 to Tegra X2 which is a modern technology that will enable the users to have a better battery backup and besides an enhanced performance in the Nintendo Switch. And this will be based on the Pascal technology. The memory bandwidth and the CUDA core count hints that Tegra X1 will definitely feature even if there is no shift to the Tegra X2. But the CPU and GPU configurations revealed are not prominent enough and the revelation has been made on the basis of what has been revealed on the Shield Android TV Micro-console from NVIDIA.

Experts have remarked that the clock speed that has been revealed will be a bit tough to achieve for such a small battery-run gaming console. Also, if the Nintendo Switch features a 20 nm process technology very much like the Shield, things are going to get tougher as far as the possibilities of Nintendo Switch featuring such a clock speed of the CPU and GPU are concerned.

The Nintendo Switch is expected to be coming out in the month of March in 2017. And it remains to be seen what turns out to be the actual features of the gaming console when it comes out officially. Till then we have to keep on waiting.

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