Nintendo Switch: 5 Problems That Might Hinder The Console’s Sales

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It is no more unknown news that the much-awaited Nintendo Switch is going to be released within a few days. In fact, the upcoming gaming console is going to be unveiled on March 3 which leaves even less than two months’ time for the revelation to take place. And before we approach the day, we take a look at the probable problems that Nintendo Switch might face before coming out on the market.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch is set to be released officially on March 3

Poor Marketing

One of the biggest aspects that any of the leading companies from any field of life would like to take a look at is the marketing. And this is where Nintendo might face a real trouble. This is because Nintendo has not yet provided the gamers across the world enough information regarding the features of the gaming console. They have come out with the news much earlier, and that was just the right step that they should have taken. And now that it is announced, the developers should have come out with more information regarding the features of the console. People who have the thoughts of getting hold of the Nintendo Switch after its official launch are still in the dark regarding the nitty-gritty of the gaming console. So this is where they could have put some more efforts that could have enhanced the sale of the new gaming console.

This is something that happened with the Nintendo Wii U. Before its launch way back in 2012, the manufacturers failed to provide the consumers with the prior information regarding the fact why the then upcoming gaming console was different than the ones that were already available then. And this is one of the problems that might see Nintendo Switch suffering even though they have made much better efforts this time round. But definitely, they simply cannot match the level that their competitors have managed to do.

High Price

This is something that is going to be really tricky. For the time being it sounds pretty well that the gaming console is going to be available at a comparatively lower price than everyone would have expected it to be. But what might come in as an obstacle is the fact that the accessories are much high priced than everyone’s liking. The Pro-Controller comes with a price tag of $69.99, the Joy-Con controller with a $29.99 price tag and the spare dock with an $89.99 one. This is quite high priced when compared to the accessories of the other gaming consoles. So even though the main component can be bought at a cheaper price, the expenditure gets much higher when one has to go for the accessories.

Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch might face a number of problems that could hamper the sale of the console

Lack of Popular Games

Yet another con that might make the Nintendo Switch suffer is the lack of the number of games during the launch. As reported till now, the Nintendo Switch is going to be launched with The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild. And a later release of the Super Mario: Odyssey would be the addition that is going to be made. So that doesn’t make a huge list even though The Legend of Zelda promises to be one of the better games that one can think of.

However, this is one of the problems that all the gaming consoles come with. The developers always deny providing too many games with the new gaming console. But this is one place where Nintendo could have brought things in their favour. But that is not to happen, and Nintendo Switch might suffer a lot due to this.

Paid Online Service

One of the highlighting features of the Nintendo Switch is going to be the paid online service. However, that could well backfire as many experts have predicted. Previously Microsoft and Sony used to charge a certain amount for playing games online, and Nintendo is the latest to join the list. But this is also one of the aspects that could have hiked their popularity among the gamers across the world. But Nintendo did not go for that, and in the end, this might just backfire because it will also make the users pay some more amount of money above the payments they have to make in order to catch the accessories.

Limited Storage

Last but definitely not the least; the limited storage could turn out to be one of the negative aspects of the upcoming gaming console. If one wants to download the digital games in addition to the ones provided by Nintendo, you have to get hold of MicroSD cards. This is because if you want to download the digital games, you need more storage space. And once you start downloading digital formats of the games the storage gets consumed which hints at the situation where one has to start getting rid of the earlier games to make room for the newer ones. This is something that might cause many to back away because, at times, one might feel like playing one of the older games, but they won’t be able to do so because they have had to delete those in order to provide space to the newly released ones. So despite having the advantage over gaming consoles manufactured by Microsoft and Sony on other aspects, a shortcoming here might turn out to be one of the reasons that Nintendo Switch might not be a hit when it hits the market.

Wrap Up

However, it remains to be seen when Nintendo Switch officially hits the market on March 3, as all these negativities might actually get wiped away when it gets launched. And we would keep our fingers crossed for the success of the Nintendo Switch so that it can provide strong competition to all the other gaming consoles that are currently available on the market or might get released in the coming days.

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