Nier: Automata Will Let Players Fight Machines with Machines

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Nier: Automata Will Let Players Fight Machine

Nier: Automata:As the launch date for the sequel to 2010’s action RPG Nierdraws closer, fans are getting understandably excited. More so becausewhile the earlier game has gone on to become a cult favorite among RPG lovers, its visuals and overall mechanics had left much to be desired. But the sequel that has been in the works for a while now looks like it aims to address all that and more.

Square Enix and PlatinumGames have been actively involved in Nier: Automata since 2014, and though we have heard snippets everynow and thenabout what to expect from the game, there has been a whole lot of silence regarding some of the primary aspects. Recently, though, we saw a new English dubbed trailer emerge that focused on the story aspects and showed off some of the formidable enemies that players will have to face off. The trailer, titled Glory To Mankind, also tells us that the game is set during a time when the 14th Machine War is waging. It also shows off some key characters that will figure in the game whose contributions to the story will be substantial.

Nier: Automata will be playable from the third person as the player controls several characters, including 2B, a female android who has been deployed to fight the war against invading machines on behalf of humans. Accompanied by another robot, 2B has to fight some humongous and terrifying machines. Gameplay looks good so far, as the Boss Fight Trailer from E3 2016 showed off some of the key elements. Combat appears to be a mixture of shooting and melee fighting, with the camera being capable of full 360 degrees rotation. The machine in this particular trailer puts up one helluva fight, though 2B, besides being an able combatant herself, has the help of her companion and several drones that aid her through clever mechanics.

Coming to Nier: Automata‘s release date, the action-packed RPG with strong story elements is slated to hit the PS4 in the USA on March 7. The game will launch in Japan earlier, on February 23. However, while the upcoming entry was initially announced to be a title for both the PS4 and Windows PC, the creators have not yet uttereda date for the latter. All that we know is that it’s slated to come to the PC sometime in 2017. We hope Square Enix doesn’t scrap the idea entirely and comes up with some news regarding this soon. Meanwhile, check out all that you need to know about yet another great JRPG, Persona 5, which was pushed back to an April launch in the US.

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