Niantic’s latest Update for Pokemon GO fixes Bugs, Introduces Colour Indication for Eggs

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Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO, Niantic’s biggest foray into enhanced mobile gaming since 2014’s Ingress, has been wildly successful among fans since its release. Though the Augmented Reality supported game’s numbers have taken a bit of a hit in recent times due to diminishing interests, it still remains one of the biggest and most widely played mobile games in present times.

Now, Niantic is rolling out a new update for Pokemon GO to ensure fans have enough to be excited about over the coming festive days. The update will be available for both Android and iOS users and will pack in some interesting new additions and minor fixes for bugs. One of the coolest new features that the update brings is that eggs will now appear in different colours depending on their hatching requirements. The different colours will be indicative of the distance required to hatch an egg. For instance, if an egg needs 2 KM to be hatched, it will appear to the player as green. Similarly, eggs that require 5 KM and 10 KM to be hatched will show up as orange and purple respectively.

Information about the monsters that appear is another plus: players can now see type icons for every Pokemon that they come across, making it more convenient for them to identify the monsters and put them to good use. The new update also comes with a new convenience feature especially for those who own the Pokemon GO Plus accessory. The game will now include a new battery indicator for the device which will alert players of its conditions when they are in the middle of a Poke-hunt.

In addition, Pokemon GO‘s upcoming in-game Halloween event begins from October 26, during which time players can add explore a spookier environment than usual, catch new Pokemon, and earn much more candy compared to normal times.

While adding new updates to the game from time to time, Niantic is also at work to deliver something big for fans of Pokemon GO. The heavily anticipated Pokemon GO Gen 2 Update, which will come out by the second quarter of 2017, is rumoured to bring about a hundred new Pokemon, new evolved forms, and Legendary Birds among other things to the game.

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