New Year Party Ideas for 2017: Awesome Party Ideas to Make the Day Special

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New Year Party Ideas for 2017

New Year 2017 Party Ideas- New Year is that time of the year when people get together with the near and dear ones to embrace the feeling of the new beginning. It is celebrated on the 1st day of January. Apparently, a little history on New Year is necessary, so we are going to provide a little background on the origin of New Year. It is the first day of the year in the modern Gregorian calendar as well as the Julian calendar. In the pre-Christian Rome, the Julian calendar was referred to as this day was dedicated to the God of Gateways and beginnings Janus, from whom we get the name January. The day is marked as the Feast of the Naming and Circumcision of Jesus, which is still observed as such in the Anglican Church and Lutheran Church. Today, as most countries now using the Gregorian calendar and for this  New Year’s Day is the most celebrated public holiday The ways of celebrating New Years are usually observed with fireworks at the stroke of midnight as the new year starts in each time zone. Others throw New Year parties along with having different ideas for celebrating New Year. Our New Year Party Ideas for 2017 definitely give you some great ideas to enjoy the day to the fullest!

New Year Party Ideas for 2017

New Year 2017 Party Ideas

  • A Resolution Party– This is a good New Year Party Idea, where those who want to make a resolution for the new start of a new year can hold a party where the thing they want to stop relying upon is concentrated to the fullest. One example of the party is that if a group wants to let go of junk food then they can hold a party that would have all the junk food for one last time.
  • A black and White Party– This theme of a New Years Eve party is quite different, as the guests would be asked to dress up in black or white, just to get the entire retro feel in the party. Everything, starting from the decoration to the food items in the party would be of black and white. This will be a good idea for New Year’s party 2017
  • A Rejuvenating Party – This would a perfect New Years Eve party for the girls, who can get together just to pamper themselves with beauty products and cool mocktails along with gossips. This party idea, even though is not gender neutral but could be a good party idea for a group of girls who wants to have a good time before it is a New Year.

New  Year 2017 Celebration Ideas

Here are some of the best New Year celebration ideas to make this new year more special with the loved ones.

  • Costume Party– This can be a good way to celebrate a New Year party, the costumes can be decided by the host of the party by keeping few themes in mind. Such parties can be fun if themes like Black and white or Carnival can be a good way to celebrate New Year.
  • Bring your own booze– This party theme can be a great idea as for the New Years Eve friends and family can gather and have a taste of different alcoholic beverages. This can be even more fun if the guests are made to make the best drink as a competition.

New Year 2017 party ideas are all about making the day a bit special for all your friends and start the day with laughter, happiness and joyous celebration. the theme can be various and the decoration too can come with a variety but the target of the entire thing and all the plannings are same and that is to make the first day of the year a special one.

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