New ‘Secret Chat’ Feature Rolled Out by Viber

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The world of technology has really undergone a huge change over the last few years. And that has a lot to do with the new apps that have hit the market in the last decade. One of the most popular messaging apps which have managed to gain the attention of the users is the Viber. And the latest news has come up with the information that the developers of the Viber app have rolled out a new feature called the ‘Secret Chat’.

Viber has lately launched a new update which brings in the ‘Secret Chat’

It has been just a few days that e came across the news that Viber will introduce this new feature into the app which will enable the users to have a secret chat with each other. This is something that will boost the secrecy and privacy of a chat that goes one between the users. And one can also set a timer that will engage the secret chat feature of the Viber app for that particular period of time.

Yet another thing that is definitely going to make the users really ecstatic about the new ‘Secret Chat’ feature of the app. And that is the destructibility of the messages that are exchanged between the users. This is really something that will ensure the privacy of the persons who are chatting with the help of the Viber app. The app can be set in such a fashion that will enable the app to delete the messages automatically. So that comes as a real bonus for the users who engage in chats with the help of the app Viber.

Along with this, the new update that has been rolled out by the developers of the Viber app prevents an unknown user to take a screenshot of the chat which took place between the people. This further enhances the security of the messaging apps. Often we have seen, screenshots of secret text messages wrecking havoc for the users. But the new feature will prevent that as well.

So as it stands, things are looking really safe and secure for the users who are currently using the Viber app on their smartphones. The old feature of the chat encryption is still available in the new update. Also, the ability to forward the chat has been snapped with the new update that has been rolled out by Viber. You can check out the video officially released by the developers of the app Viber below.

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