New Rumours suggest Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding has been Stalled

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Hideo Kojima’s

Death Stranding: Ever since the man behind the Metal Gear series announced his upcoming independent project at this year’s E3, fans have been raving about Death Stranding. Despite there not being much information about what exactly the game will be like, the fact that it is being developed by Kojima’s own company has been enough to drive his fans into a frenzy. But as is usually seen in the case of such greatly exciting titles, several rumours have been flying around about Death Stranding.

The most recent one suggests that Kojima’s latest game is currently going through some difficulties, as tensions have long been brewing over at the game’s development camp. But the rumours don’t just stop there: apparently, latest developments suggest that Death Stranding has been suspended indefinitely, with some reports stating that the game has been cancelled entirely. The main reason that has been cited behind this is that Kojima has supposedly had a big falling out with Sony.

Hideo Kojima’s

Death Stranding was announced as a PlayStation 4 exclusive title, so problems with the game’s publisher would obviously result in a cancellation. However, the reports in question also state that the game is being optimised for other consoles, most likely suggesting that Death Stranding may also be ultimately available for the Xbox One and the PC.

However, these rumours should be taken with a giant pinch of salt. First off, just because Hideo Kojima parted ways with Konami based on disagreements does not automatically make him a perpetually unpleasant person to work with (leaving Konami was evidently more rough for Kojima than it was for Konami). Secondly, Kojima is a thorough professional and a creative genius; he most certainly will not jeopardise his next big title after his tumultuous departure from Konami at any cost. So we think it is safe to say that there is no stopping Death Stranding from happening the way it has been planned.

Kojima said at TGS 2016 that Death Stranding will be an open-world action adventure game with online multiplayer elements. He further added that his primary aim was to connect players not just as opponents in a game, but on a more human level. “At the end of the day, I want to offer an action game where people get connected with different elements, not just clubs,” he had said.

As of now, Death Stranding is expected to be slated for a 2018 release. Before that, we have RTX 2017 to look forward to, where Kojima will make an appearance. We hope he spills some more beans about Death Stranding then.

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