New Rs 500, 2,000 Notes Extra Security Features: How Hard is it to fake?

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New Rs 500, 2,000 Notes

The new Rs 500, 2,000 Notes have already been introduced by RBI, and certainly, the notes are being introduced with extra security features. The new Rs 500 is of stone grey colour, while the Rs 2000 note is of magenta colour. Besides having a different colour, the new Rs 500 note also comes in different size, theme and design comparing to the previous series. While, the new Rs 2000 notes are being introduced for the first time in India. Let’s dig into the New Rs 500, 2,000 Notes Extra Security Features.

According to the government officials, the new notes will be very hard to fake as the new Rs 2000 note is magenta in colour with ‘Mangalayan’ imprinted on the reverse side of the note. The new notes will also be available in the ATMs of all over India from Friday. According to Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa, Reserve Bank of India would closely monitor the new currency notes, which are being introduced recently.

Rs 2000 Notes Extra Security Features:

  • See-through register with the denominational numeral 2,000
  • New latent image with the denominational numeral 2,000 (The Image can be seen when it is held at a 45-degree angle at the eye level)
  • New magenta colour
  • ‘Mangalayan’ imprinted on the reverse side
  • The new colour-shifting windowed security thread comes with three things ‘in scripted’ in it, i.e. 2000, RBI and ‘भारत’. The thread colour will also change from green to blue when tilted under the light.
  • There will also be identity marks, the Ashoka Pillar emblem, bleed lines and raised print of Mahatma Gandhi’s portrait.

New Rs 500 Notes Extra Security Features:

  • Stone-grey in colour
  • Indian heritage site Red Fort imprinted on the reverse side
  • Mahatma Gandhi (New) Series
  • All other extra security features are same as New Rs 2000 Note

RBI stated in a statement that these extra security features are introduced to crack down the circulation of counterfeit currency.

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