New Rocket League-Based Toys and Beta Testing for Tournaments

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New Rocket League-Based Toys and Beta Testing for Tournaments
Playing matches and rankings are good and all, but what would make Rocket League better?

Tournaments! Structured matches with a clear winner and loser would make Rocket League better. Before it gets released, though, it must be tested first. It’s going to go on beta in the next few days, specifically Feb. 21-23.

How to Join
The beta will only be available for those who play the game on Steam. Just go to the properties of Rocket League on the desktop app, and choose the ‘Tournaments beta’ on the drop-down menu on the ‘BETAS’ tab. Once you close the window, the app will download the beta for the feature.

When it’s finished downloading, you may now make a tournament, or even join tournaments created by other players in the beta.

A Few Warnings

The ‘Tournaments beta’ will replace the ‘Live’ version you have installed, but it will not reset your XP, inventory, replays, and other player specific data. It might mess up your settings, though, so be sure to check those first.

Competitive Playlists won’t be available if you’re participating in the beta. You may wait for the beta to end, or you can just opt out of the beta to download the latest live version of the game.

To do that, just do what you did to join it in the first place. Except when you go to the ‘BETAS’ tab, choose ‘NONE – opt out of all beta programs’ instead.

Lastly, there is no cross-platform functionality for the beta. So, unfortunately, you can only play with your friends who have the game on Steam toon.

In Other News

The popular toy car brand Hot Wheels have announced a Rocket League items set of toys. They’ve just brought the game to life, literally! The large set comes with an easy-to-assemble arena, a ball, and two rechargeable cars and their charging station.

The cars can be controlled with a mobile device through Bluetooth, eliminating the need for extra controllers.

While in the video game, you can play for hours and climb up the walls and ceiling of the arena, that’s harder to do with the toy set. For the former, the cars’ battery lasts up to 15 minutes, and must be charged for 20 minutes.

As for the latter, the lack of walls and ceiling in the toy version makes it impossible, so would the lack of rocket propulsion on the toy cars. Because of said reasons above, the real-life version requires a different strategy.

Still, it promises to be fun and easily enjoyed, even to those who haven’t played the video game yet.

So that’s two things to look forward to, one sooner than the other, but both will come in time. Enjoy the game!

Summary: Rocket League’s getting a Tournament feature, and it’s going to be released soon. They’re just going to test it first. In other news, Hot Wheels just announced the Rocket League RC Rival Set.

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