New ‘Prey’ Trailer Shows Alien Enemies

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Prey comes out in May andBethesda has dropped in a new trailer video. It gives us an insight into the alien ecosystem, revealing at least three alien enemies who’d try to kill you throughout the game.

The trailer showcased an alien species called the Typhon with characters like Weaver, Phantom, Telepath, and Mimic. It delves into some of the abilitiesof the aliens. There Mimic, that imitates objects and them ambush and kills you when you are not looking.The Phantom is another alien who is basically a hybrid betweenTyphon and Human. They look may look like humans but aren’t. At closequarters they are capable of doing the most damage thanks to the dangerous limbs. Next comes the Telepaths, and they are the mother of all these Typhon. They have got psychic ability to control weaker living beings.

Regarding the aliens, creative director Raphael Colantonio wrote:“The Typhon species starts with the Mimic. The Mimic’s role is to scout. It hides, and it gathers energy by feeding on living things—in this case, humans. When there’s enough energy, a few Mimics come together and create something called a Weaver.”

AndLead Designer Ricardo Bare said:

“The Mimics will attack a human and they’ll sort of drain their consciousness – their life essence – and that will lead to Mimics multiplying. Then the Weaver can find the remains that the Mimics left behind – the human husk – and turn that husk into this guardian-like creature called a Phantom that protects the other aliens.”

PCGamer reports about two more aliens who don’t appear in the trailer – Technopaths and Nightmares. While the former has telepathic abilities over machines, the latter is made to hunt you down throughout the game.

The games will be a reboot of the original Prey that came out in 2006. Prey arriveson May 5, 2017, on Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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