New iPhone 8 Concept Video Shows Off an Adaptive Function Bar

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New iPhone 8 Concept

iPhone 8: There is little doubt that we will keep hearing new bits of rumors every day about Apple’s anniversary edition iPhone until we see it. And when you consider the fact that these have been coming since before even last year’s iPhone came out, we have quite a long list of possible features on our hands. Which of these will ultimately end up making it into the 2017 iPhone, popularly dubbed the iPhone 8, is a matter of speculation. But that is no reason for the rumors to stall. And in this vein, we have come across a cool new feature that could well be brought into the upcoming smartphone.

iPhone 8
The Function Bar on the iPhone 8 can adapt to whatever is on the screen.

The new feature in question is something called a Function Bar, which has been elaborated in a recently surfaced concept video. We all know that concept videos are hardly anything to go by, but the few seconds the clip in question devotes to this particular feature helps shed some light on it. Going by that, we may surmise that this new Function Bar would be similar to the Touch ID sensor that we saw in the latest versions of the MacBook Pro. And though we see very little of the function in the short video, its “adaptive” nature seems to hint that its function will adjust according to what is currently on the display of the iPhone 8 (much like its MacBook Pro counterpart).

Other concepts that the video touches upon are the complete lack of a bottom bezel, and (drawing on from that) the integration of the home button into the bottom part of the display. It is worthy of note that the section of the display that is located on top of where the bottom bezel lies is where the Function Bar is present. And according to the creator of the video, it can automatically adapt to whatever app you’re running on the iPhone 8, be it the camera or the music. Watch the iPhone 8 concept video below.

The iPhone 8 is already rumored to come with a host of different technologies, and the latest one that has caught the attention of everyone is the possible integration of advanced AR tech. And while none of this is certain at this point, this last one certainly has the vote of noted analysts. Keep an eye on our website for more current information about Apple and other tech-related news.

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