New iOS Update Lets You Delete Preinstalled Apps

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New iOS Update

For all iPhone users around the world, good news is coming! Till now there is no way to delete preinstalled apps in iOS. Apple is rolling out an update which will enable users to delete preinstalled apps! There is no such option in arch rival Google’s Android.

A very common complaint about iPhone is that users get few options to customize the phone. Now it seems Apple is trying to lift the bar forever with a new patch through its upcoming update in iOS.

New iOS

Apple iPhone 7 will be updated with this one and all the iPhone 6S, 6 and 6 Plus users may get this exceptional system updates within few weeks. Apple is to roll out this update from US market first, and Indian users may have to wait a little longer. You will get a message to avail this over the air update for your iPhone.

There is nothing about whether iPhone 5 and 5S will get this update or not.

Thanks to this update as Apple has decided to come out of its conventional shell and enabled its users to remove “bloatware.” To match up the competition level with Android, Apple has finally opened up its sources to the developers. Before a few days, it opened its Siri functionalities to the developers. And every soon, you will be able to call via Skype and call cabs over the internet. Bloatware is one of the annoying parts of any mobile operating system.

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