Netflix vs Hulu: Netflix Comes Out On Top Despite Close Competition

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Online Streaming has become one of the most popular methods of watching videos these days. And whenever we talk about online streaming, the first name that comes to our mind is the Netflix. At close second comes Hulu which has gained immense prominence in the recent days. And here we are with a comparative study of the two most popular online streaming sites that have gained prominence in the recent time.


Hulu vs Netflix: Content

The popularity of an online streaming website solely depends on the type of content that it allows it users to stream. Both Hulu and Netflix have got a long list of TV shows and movies that one can stream and watch. But the difference lies in the fact that Netflix provides streaming options for the movies while Hulu is more of a streaming service provider for the TV series. However, it can’t be denied that Netflix in recent times has slowly shifted its focus to TV series from the movies. Still, Hulu would be a better option for someone who wants to get hold of a number of TV series. But Hulu can never match the versatility of Netflix when it comes to movies. So it is somewhat even Stevens when it comes to content available on the online streaming sites of Hulu and Netflix.

Netflix vs Hulu: Video Quality

One of the most important things that come to our mind while streaming a video is its quality. Hulu provides videos with a resolution of 360 pixels, 480 pixels and 720 pixels HD. But Netflix is a clear winner in this section as it provides the users with the opportunity to stream videos in four different tiers. For a DVD quality video, one needs to have a 1.5 Mbits/s. For a better video than the DVD quality, one needs to have a 3 Mbit/s internet connection and for a 720 p video streaming a 5 Mbit/s connection is required. Of late the 1080p HD videos have been made available to the users. So quite evidently, Netflix ranks much higher than the Hulu when it comes to the quality of live streaming.

Hulu vs Netflix: Price

For a Hulu Plus subscription, the users need to pay an amount of $7.99, but all the shows are not available with the basic plan. A higher payment of $11.99 per month would allow the user to stream videos without any advertisements. There are a number of schemes which users might avail to stream videos on Netflix. A user needs to spend $8 on streaming video on a single screen at one go, while to stream video on 2 screens, the user would have to pay $9. For streaming on 4 separate screens on HD, a payment of $12 has to be made. DVDs are rented out online at a rate of $8 per month while an additional $2 would allow the user to have Blue-ray discs on rent.

It is quite clear that Netflix provides its user much more variety even when it comes to monthly subscriptions which prompts us to announce Netflix as the winner of this round as well very much like the video quality one.

Netflix vs Hulu: Subscribers and Availability

Netflix is available in more number of provinces than the Hulu, and undoubtedly it will come out on top of Hulu in this round as well. While Hulu is only available in the USA and Japan, Netflix is available in a number of countries including the likes of the USA, Mexico, the UK, and many other nations in the Western European countries which when added up counts up to 41. So it requires no argument about the fact that Netflix is much more popular than the Hulu because of the availability.

Also, Netflix is compatible with a huge number of devices. It is available in the set-top boxes, gaming consoles, smart TVs, handheld devices and on different operating systems as well. But the Hulu is often not available on a number of devices, but it is available on most of the devices. So it’s a tie as far as the compatibility of the Netflix and Hulu is concerned.

Final Word

So it can be concluded that both the online streaming service providers have grabbed the attention of many. But Hulu has a long way to go before it can threaten Netflix with its popularity although it is not too far away. For the time being, Netflix is definitely going to rank higher than Hulu. But you never know, a few years later we might find Hulu reaching a higher level and come at par with the Netflix.

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