NDTV India Takes Matter To SC against Ban Orders

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IThe recent evidence of seeking measures on Freedom of Expression by a renowned television broadcast, which was notified to be banned for a day by the Government of India, took the matter to Supreme Court in the context of orders given by Union Cabinet. NDTV India chief Prannoy Roy moved to SC against the government’s order as it is completely unjustifiable.

The matter came as the violations of media ethics and laws which were upheld during a reporting and development of story on Pathankot Attack. The measures which were taken to telecast the entire coverage was unethical eventually causing negative affect over India Army as well as modus operandi of the government agencies. The matter was disclosed during the filing in National Stock Exchange.

The matter was disclosed during the filing in National Stock Exchange, where the filed petition challenges the Constitutional validity of the orders directed by the Centre. The filing includes violation proceedings henceforth seeking probe regarding its channel NDTV against the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. The government panel had banned over the transmission as well as re-transmission of the channel for 24 hours starting from   00.01 hrs on November 9 to 00.01 hrs on November 10, 2016.

As per the NSE/BSE filing by NDTV India, “We now update that NDTV Ltd and others have filed a writ petition before the Hon’ble Supreme Court challenging the said order, inter-alia, challenging the constitutional validity of the said order and the provisions of law pursuant to which the said order has purportedly been passed.” (reportedly stated to Deccan Herald).

The channel cited the petition on single base that when all the news channels were broadcasting the incident, then why ban on NDTV India only. It also cleared that the allegation was baseless thus assuring on lifting the ban by tomorrow.

As of now, a majority of people and Press communities have condemned the matter eventually making the scenario as emergence-like situations. Apart from NDTV India, other broadcast channels such as Assam TV and Care World TV has been ordered for a 7-day ban after similar repetitive incidents took place on the basis of unethical contents.

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