NCIS Season 14 Episode 6: Speculations, Update and Info, Check the Promo Out

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NCIS Season 14 Episode 6

NCIS Season 14 Episode 6: The breathtaking American action television series developed by Don McGill and Donald P. Bellisario after delivering thirteen victorious seasons is almost topping the charts with its ongoing season. And now the approaching episode of NCIS season 14 is all geared up to release the curiosity buds of the viewers by making its grand premiere on October 25, 2016. However, NCIS Season 14 Episode 6 will highlight on how the team would be able to relate with and officer’s missing husband while she finds a way to flee from her kidnappers. The gist of the episode indicates that it is going to be another round of a jaw-dropping experience for the viewers at it has all the potentials to keep them intrigued towards the delivery of the plotline throughout. The fifth episode of the fourteenth season of NCIS ended with a lot of unanswered questions and now the fans are expecting to witness all of it in NCIS season 14 Episode 6.


The promo of the sixth episode of the ongoing season titled as “Shell Game” which came out almost two days back escalated the potency level of it right from the beginning of it. And now the fans are extremely anxious to witness the happenings of “Shell Game”. The promo of NCIS season 14 episode 6 depicted an intenselook on Leroy Jethro Gibbs’ face as he tells Abby Sciuto “Someone is telling a kidnapper what to do”. And the speculations stars pouring in right after a sense of danger is felt by the characters. However, the reasons behind such speculations will be witnessed on Tuesday. It seems that the Halloween episode is going to add wonder to the expectations of the fans by portraying the scenarios with utmost perfection.

The previous episode of NCIS season 14 titled as “Philly” depicted how Bishop and Quinn were sent to Philadelphia to get introduced to the MI-6 officer and work with him. The episode was highly acknowledged by the fans as it kept up with the expectations of the viewers. Nevertheless, the makers of the show raised the intensity level of NCIS season 14 right after the delivery of its first episode titled as “Rouge” As it essayed how the reason of a car explosion was investigated by the team, and the incident was related to a missing agent.

However, each and every episode of NCIS season 4 which has been broadcasted till date such as “Rouge”, “Being Bad”, “Privileged Information”, “Love Boat” and “Philly” created quite a lot of buzz among the viewers as each and every character of the series portrayed the exact requirement of the episodes with extreme excellence. And now the fans are expecting quite a lot from “Shell Game”.

So let’s just wait to witness the happenings of NCIS season 14 episode 6 on October 25.

Check out the promo of NCIS season 14 episode 6 below

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