Things are not going right for Gary Glasberg‘s American television series NCIS: New Orleans as the makers of the show are not coming up with its fourth season. And as per speculations the cancellation of NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 might be due to the low ratings acquired by the series. However, there are a lot of American television series which has already become a favourite among the viewers, and few awaited ones are just waiting to release the curiosity buds with the premieres of the series. Therefore, the competition among these America series are immense and at one point of time gets difficult to keep the fans intrigued if that same intensity is not produced which was delivered in the initial stages.


NCIS: New Orleans delivered three seasons within March 2016. The first season was quite interesting as it acquired quite a lot of viewers and created a recognition among them. However, after the success of season 1, the makers of the show went ahead to come up with the season 2 and 3. Nevertheless, the show kept getting moderate ratings throughout Season 1 and 2. The deterioration in the ratings started enhancing with the instalment of the third season, and it could not fetch quite a lot of viewers as the intensity of the storyline started diminishing. And this might be the reason which has lead to the cancellation of the NCIS: New Orleans Season 4.

The first season of NCIS: New Orleans revolves around the storyline of an agent Dwayne Pride and New Orleans based investigative team is led by him and how he solves the crimes and the mysteries related to the Marine Cops and the US Navy. The second season also focuses on Dwayne Pride and an addition of a new member Sonja Percy in the team is witnessed, and Pride is seen once again solving the crimes related to the US Navy and Marine Cops taking place in the Crescent City along with Sonja. The third season was renewed on March 25, 2016, and made its premiere on  September 20, 2016.

However, the cancellation of NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 has created a lot of speculations and assumptions among the viewers. Nevertheless, an official confirmation on the same has not been made by the makers of the show yet. Therefore, we cannot get into conclusion right now. The second episode of the season 3 will be telecasted today and if the viewers are planning to keep aside the speculations which are made regarding NCIS: New Orleans Season 4 then they should definitely watch the rest of the episodes of the season 3.

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