National Cat Day 2016: All You Need to Know

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National Cat Day 2016

National Cat Day 2016: National Cat Day 2016 is knocking at the door. As we all know, cats are somewhat small furry balls of cuteness that can destroy your ability to behave like a matured adult. For all the cat people, you must be excited about October 29. Well, no evidence in the world can proof us that they are known only as a domestic animal. In fact, they rule our lives (for the cat lovers). They are much like small furry gods. While talking about the inception we have a history to be given in a more appropriate way. Cats can be bossy and cute at the same time. Cats are one of the biggest stress busters for their masters. As October 29th is celebrated as the National Cat Day  let us see the history of National Cat Day!

History of National Cat Day

National Cat Day was founded by the animal welfare advocate Colleen Paige along with Pet Lifestyle Expert. It is celebrated every year in the United States on October 29. Whether as pets or as feral animals, cats are closely connected with human beings. As a domestic animal, they are dearly loved. More specifically, cats have been sources for some ridiculous memes. Not only this but also do cats bring joy and draw a smile in millions of people’s faces all across the globe. After the inception, this particular cat day was adopted by American Society to prevent cruelty to animals. According to the research, there are almost 60 to 70 cat breeds and among which around 20 to 30 breeds can be domesticated.

National Cat Day 2016

How to Celebrate National Cat Day 2016

While the Cat Day is round the corner we have listed some of the best ways for you to celebrate National Cat Day 2016. Here presenting some of the best ways.

  • Firstly, hug your furry little ball, if you have one. Probably, that is the easiest way to start your National Cat Day 2016.
  • You can purchase an official Cat Day 2016 Tee-shirt with a cat print.
  • Not only can you donate blankets, food and toys to animal welfare organisations but also you can bake some cat shaped cookies for your little kids.
  • For the cat lovers, you can go on clicking selfies with your cat and post them on social media.
  • Cats are cosy little cuteness and therefore, they need the best possible health cares. So on this special day, buy all the natural products for your cats starting from food to litter.
  • Watch the best cat videos in a bigger and a wider way.
  • You can also see some movies especially for all. Some of the names are The Cat in the Hat, Cats & Dogs. Garfield: The Movie, Puss in Boots, Milo & Otis and many others.

National Cat Day 2016: Gift Ideas for Your loved Ones

For every special occasion, we prefer sharing love and gifts with our loved ones. Probably, Well, it has become a mandatory thing for us. Nothing to our surprise, the list of loved ones do include our cats as well; don’t they, cat lovers? But as per as Charles Dickens, “What greater gift than the love of a cat?” Presenting some of the ways by which you can spread cat love among your loved ones.

Cat Tea Mug/Set- If you have a friend who is a cat lover then you can probably gift him/her a cat mug or even a tea set with cat prints all over.

Cat Face Shoes– For the obsessors of cats and shoes, here is a brand new idea. You can gift cat faced shoes or even buy them for yourself on this special day.

Silicon Tray with Cat Prints– If you like to bake, then silicon cat tray is the ultimate choice for you. Yoga Mat Cat Toy– For the cat people, Yoga Mat Cat Toy is the ultimate for you as this is an unconventional and a unique gift for your beloved pet.

Kitty Dess– With a cute kitty dress you will no doubt be the centre of attraction among all your friends or family members. So this Cat Day 2016, buy a kitty dress.

Undoubtedly, National Cat Day is somewhat a festival blended with celebration, enjoyment and parties, to spread consciousness. But this is not the ultimate. Beyond all amusements and excitements, there lie duties for every one of us. A duty and a responsibility to save the cute little creature from the harsh treatment of the human beings. Because Life will be a little dull without their presence! Hence, enjoy the day and protect your furry little Gods or adopt one in a better way.

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