NASA Curiosity Mars Rover Gets Unexpected Mineral on Mars

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NASA Curiosity Mars Rover

NASA’s Curiosity Mar’s Rover, which has been roaming in the Mars for last four years, has found something very interesting. The Rover Bot has extracted a rock sample on Mars that reveals a shocking thing- this finding suggests that the red planet had explosive volcanoes when it was too hot at that time of its evolution.

NASA’s intelligent Mars rover robot has been checking sedimentary rocks in the Gale Crater region since it had placed in 2012.

In the last year, the robot drilled something at a location named,Buckskin. After analysing data from X-ray diffraction which helps the scientists to identify a mineral calledtridymite which is a Silica Mineral. This mineral is associated with “Volcanism”.

Mars Rover

Scientists Say-

Richard Morris, the NASA planetary scientist at Johnson, said-

On Earth, tridymite is formed at high temperatures in an explosive process called silicic volcanism. Mount St Helens, the active volcano in Washington State, and the Satsuma-Iwojima volcano in Japan are examples of such

This thing forces scientists to rethink about the volcanic history of Mars. This mineral suggests strongly that long time ago the red planet had active explosive volcanoes.

How Tridymite is Formed

Do you know, how tridymite is formed?? High silica and high temperature (extremely high) in volcanoes create this mineral. Though Scientists guess right now while they have not confirmed this. Researchers are trying to find some other alternative ways to find out the ways why tridymite is formed. They are looking for a way- if tridymite can form in lower temperature or not.

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