Narcos season 2 release date announced by Netflix: Wagner Moura impresses in the trailer

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Narcos season 2

Narcos is an American crime web television series created and produced by Chris Brancato, Carlo Bernard, and Doug Miro. Season 1, comprising 10 episodes, originally aired on August 28, 2015, as a Netflix exclusive.Set and filmed in Colombia, season 1 tells the story of notorious drug kingpin Pablo Escobar, who became a billionaire through the production and distribution of cocaine, while also focusing on Escobar’s interactions with drug lords, DEA agents, and various opposition entities.

Among the mass audience, Narcos has received enormous praise from viewers and at one point, was one of the most talked-about Netflix series with its amazing photography, script and brilliant portrayal of the Legendary Escobar by Wagner Moura who delivered probably the best acting display of his career.

Chris Brancato, the original Narcos season 1 show-runner was replaced by Adam Fierro which caused a stir whether the new show-runner would be able to recreate the mystical moments which were seen in the first season of the much critically acclaimed series.

Narcos Season 2 : Doubts regarding the timeline of Escobar’s life

Season 1 of the show spanned almost a decade in telling its story, with years sometimes passing between chronological episodes. However, due to where season 1 ended in regards to Escobar’s actual timeline, Narcos season 2 only has a relatively short period of time to focus on, ranging roughly from Escobar’s escape from La Catedral in 1992 to his death on the rooftops of Medellín in 1993.Unless of course Narcos’ storyline continues on after Escobar’s death and Narcos pivots to telling the story of law enforcement’s continued wars with the other cartels, especially the Cali Cartel. This cartel is already featured on the show and undoubtedly will be playing a major role in season 2 as the two cartels fight for control of Colombia.

The Trailer Narcos Season 2:

The trailer of the second season of Narcos packs in quite a punch. In a way only Escobar can pull off with style.

As already seen win season one, Pablo Escobar’s Character is the one who made rules in Columbia. He was even sentenced to his own luxury prison after being convicted for god’s sake.

How much doubt can one have regarding his capabilities?

Have a look:

Since the series is all about war, one can only expect some characters to get killed when “Narcos” Season 2 release date arrives. As such, some “Narcos” cast will retire sooner than others.

Among the “Narcos” cast, actor Pedro Pascal is predicted to have an early exit, according to reports. Pedro Pascal plays the role of DEA agent Javier Pena which would most likely become a casualty in the escalating drug war between the cartel and various drug enforcement agencies.

When will the new season release and where to watch?

Having been hyped up as the Netflix’s Breaking Bad equivalent, Netflix has announced the series will be exclusively streaming on their service from the 2 September on wards, all 10 episodes debuting at the same time.

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