Naam Shabana 5th Day Total Box Office Collection: Find Out the Earnings of the Action Spy Thriller Film

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Naam Shabana

Naam Shabana Box Office Collection: Neeraj Pandey directed Baby amassed almost Rs. 150 Crore at the global box office back in 2015 and had received several positive critical responses for the perfectionism in the scenes as well as acting. Therefore, people had greater expectations from Naam Shabana when they got to know that the production of the movie was in the making. But many moviegoers turned out to be disappointed with the film on March 31 as it could not match up with their expectations. Despite the negative reviews, people praised Taapsee Pannu for her martial arts skills and Akshay Kumar for his first-rate acting. Naam Shabana box office collection on its opening day acquired Rs. 5.12 Crore but there was an impressive growth in the occupancy rate on its first weekend.

Naam Shabana 5th Day Domestic Box Office Collection

Naam Shabana collection on its day five is expected to garner nearly Rs. 3.09 Crore and there is definitely going to be a fall in the occupancy rate because today is a normal working day. A movie generally makes the maximum amount of money on the weekends as people look forward to reviving themselves after working throughout the week. Even Naam Shabana did a great business on its first weekend in comparison to its first day of release. And till now Naam Shabana box office collection has minted Rs. 26.06 Crore.

Naam Shabana 5th Day Overseas Box Office Collection

The action spy thriller film actually didn’t acquire a lot of great feedbacks from the international audiences because of the imperfections in the plot. However, Akshay, as usual, gained praises from his fans residing outside but the Shivam Nair directed movie could have earned much more if its plot could have been executed perfectly by all the filmmakers. Nevertheless, Naam Shabana on its day five is anticipated to acquire Rs. 0.58 Crore at the overseas box office.

Naam Shabana 5th Day Worldwide Collection

By taking a dig into the current scenario, Naam Shabana total collection on its fifth day of release might end up garnering Rs. 3.67 Crore. Akshay Kumar‘s films generally flair well when it comes to the box office collections. Several of his movies have even surpassed records but this time, Naam Shaban could not attract an innumerable number of audiences which it was expected to due to which the theaters are not getting that packed.

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