MWC 2017 sees the Launch of ZTE’s Gigabit Phone, Aimed At the Future of Internet

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mwc 2017 sees the launch of 2017

MWC 2017: Even before the MWC event has begun in full force this year, Chinese smartphone manufacturers ZTE Corporation have upheld their futuristic vision for all to see with the public unveiling of what happens to be the first ever 5G compatible smartphone. While this newGigabit Phone is more of a concept right now, not the least because we don’t even have 5G at our hands in current times, ZTE claims that the smartphone will be fully in the market by the time 5G becomes a reality.


Incidentally, ZTE is not the only consumer electronics company that wants to lead the race to 5G achievements. However, they claim that they are closer than anyone else. The newly unveiled Gigabit smartphones, says ZTE, will reach download speeds of up to 1GBPS, which is much higherthan any other smartphone existing today. In the press release, ZTE said that they are currently dedicated to developing thelatest and greatest in internet technology by cultivating the field of 5G- the future of internet.

The ZTE Gigabyte Phone, which is available for previewing and a trial run for those who attend ZTE’s booth atMWC 2017, uses a combination of different technologies to achieve speeds that can go up to ten times higher compared to what we are used to today. The new deviceis powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 835 chipset, which is yet to arrive commercially in a device, along with SnapdragonX16 LTE modem. The company also says that the Gigabit Phone along with their growingexpertise in the field of 5G will help ensure that consumers are ready for the internet revolution that isimminent.

At this point, however, ZTE’s promises seem to be directed towards the future rather than the present. The company plans to focus on the development in the field of 5G during the coming years, for which they wish to collaborate with corporations and governments. For now, though, the ZTE GigabitPhone only exists as a demo model. We are eager to see what the company achieves in the area in the coming years. Stay tuned for more updates on new launches and unveilings at MWC 2017.

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