Must Haves When Starting Your Own Medical Practice

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When Starting Your Own Medical Practice

When you are setting up your medical practice, you need to consider all the equipment that is needed in the office. Your office depends on these machines to help patients, and you must keep supplies in every exam room to make appointments as efficient as possible. Continue reading to learn how to set up your medical office properly.

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Must-Haves When Starting Your Own Medical Practice

Exam Room Supplies

You must put basic supplies in every exam room. Gauze, tape, cotton balls, swabs, and basic vital sign equipment should be left in each room. You can get a stethoscope for each person in the office, and you should make sure that there is furniture in each exam room. An exam table, rolling chair, chair for a guest, and sink should be present in each room.

You need cabinets and storage space in each room so that you can stow paper towels, tissues, soap, and band-aids. Plus, you need to make sure that all these rooms have hospital gowns in case you are asking your patients to change out of their regular clothes. You can put a screen in the room that gives the patient a bit of privacy, and you need to put a chart holder on each door.

You Need Ultrasound Equipment

Ultrasound machines are essential because they allow you to create images in the office without sending patients to an imaging center. Plus, you can get a portable ultrasound machine that is just as accurate as a larger device. Most doctors should keep ultrasound machines in the office. Plus, you may decide that portable devices are better for the office.

Portable ultrasounds can stay in your pocket, and you can use them on any patient instead of sending them to a room with a big ultrasound machine. The big ultrasound machine might be a bit intimidating, and you do not want to scare your patients. There are special cases when you need a massive ultrasound machine, but most medical care can be provided using a portable device.

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What About Physical Therapy Equipment?

If you are running an orthopedic practice or sports medicine office, you need physical therapy equipment that can be used with your patients. You can do an ultrasound to check the injury or wound that was treated, and you can plan therapy around the progress that you have seen.

You may use treadmills and EKG machines to offer heart tests to patients, or you may use the EKG to eliminate certain conditions when sick patients come to your office.

You Must Have Emergency Medical Equipment

You may find something troubling on a patient’s ultrasound, but you need to send them to a hospital if they need immediate treatment or surgery. Some patients may have a medical crisis in your office, and you should have an emergency crash cart ready to use. You can use the electric paddles to help restart a patient’s heart, and there should be an oxygen tank/mask ready to administer to a patient that is in the middle of a crisis.

Starting Your Own Medical Practice

Phones And Computers

When you are setting up the office, you need computers or tablets for the clerical staff. You can provide a tablet to everyone on the medical staff, and you can digitize patient records so that they are easier to read. You should put phones in the front of the office, but you also need to put phones in each exam room. As mentioned above, you may need to treat a patient in the middle of a medical emergency.

As part of the emergency medical care you provide, your first call should be to 9-1-1. When you have reached an ambulance, you can administer emergency care until h EMTs arrive.


Your medical office should be prepared to serve every patient and offer the best medical care possible. When your patients enter the office, the exam rooms should be comfortable. You should have a portable ultrasound in your pocket, a larger évincé for special imaging needs, and an emergency crash cart. Supply your staff with tablets or computers that allow them to access medical records, and make sure that you have put phones in the office that allow you to reach an ambulance, hospital, or another medical office.

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