Muslim couple divorced after wife voted for BJP

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Muslim couple

In age of religious conflicts and being residents of a country where the central government strictly follows Hinduistic culture, a lady from Guwahati voted for BJP during its State Legislative Assembly elections. According to sources the people from the area being mostly Muslims, were supposed to vote for Congress due to its secular religious policies. However, to everybody’s surprise the lady alone voted for Bharatiya Janata Party.

Family issues due to political differences are nothing new, but the most shocking factor to the villagers was that they had all decided to vote for Congress, but Dilwara Begum alone dared to go against the common decision and despite belonging to the Muslim community voted for BJP. This triggered a feeling of anger among them and finally her husband, Ainuddin decided to divorce his wife.

The husband decided to end the 10-year-old relationship soon after his wife revealed him that she had voted for the BJP.

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