Munnabhai 3 may be Delayed due to Sanjay Dutt Biopic

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Munnabhai 3

Rajkumar Hirani’s super successful franchise that began with Munnabhai MBBS in 2003 is slated to add a third instalment to the series. Hirani had expressed his desire to churn out a stellar script that would surpass the previous films in the series by lightyears to keep up the never-say-die spirit of Munnabhai, the endearing goon of the films. But as reports have it, audiences may have a long wait ahead of them.

Arshad Warsi, the 48-year-old actor who has played the part of Munnabhai’s hilarious sidekick Circuit in the previous films, has told sources that the film might be delayed because Hirani will perhaps be prioritising his biopic project on Sanjay Dutt. The biopic was earlier supposed to hit the floors in June but inadvertent delays caused it to be pushed back to later this year, which is what will affect the commencement of the next Munnabhai project. Arshad said that unless Hirani decides to go with Munnabhai first, the film will be delayed.

Hirani has already started laying down foundations for the Sanjay Dutt biopic. He had roped in actor Ranbir Kapoor for the role in 2014 and has also reportedly shot footage of Dutt walking out of jail on February 25, which is likely to make it to the film. Dutt’s release also means a green signal for the project as he would be able to provide valuable input on his own life experiences like his conviction and eventual prison term.

All these factors may prove to be impediments to the next Munnabhai film.The film was announced a few years ago but the script is being readied only just now. But to rumours like those that Arshad and Sanjay will be replaced by younger actors in the upcoming Munnabhai film, Arshad Warsi gave the nay, stating the unlikeliness of the phenomenon. Indeed the chemistry between the two veteran actors is a major factor to have fuelled the franchise to its success. Hirani himself was reported as saying last year, “When we write, we do not think of casting. We are making thethird part of ‘Munnabhai’ and it will definitely have Sanjay and Arshad”.

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