Mummy – Save Me 6th day Total Box office Collection

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Mummy-Save Me

Mummy – Save Me Box office Collection: With the success and popularity of Hollywood horror films, the Kannada film industry has made it a point to live up to the expectation of those audiences who enjoy a scare once in a while. With the release of Lohith H‘s Mummy-Save me, the movie seems to have met the checklist for a horror flick. The movie features Priyanka Upendra and Yuvina Parthavi, who took the element of suspense and horror to an entirely differentlevel. With the successful collection of 2.7 crores on its day of release, the movie seems to be consistent in terms of its occupancy and box office collection. Let us have a look at the 6th day total worldwide box office collection in order to find out how the movie has been consistent with its success at the box office.

Mummy-Save Me (2016) 6th Day Box Office Collection in India

With the success of the trailer the movie Mummy-Save Me, the film was able to bring out the scare factor to a considerable level. Having an occupancy rate of 61% on the day of its release the movie bagged a good revenue, and according to the critics, it seems like there is no stopping this flick from being a hit. However, the6th day box office collection of Mummy-Save Me in India had a considerable drop to 70 lakhs, along with the occupancy rate that6 dropped to 30% compared to the 45% on the 5th day since the releaseof the movie. This is due to the fact that on the weekdays the box office collection gets affected to a certain level.

Mummy- Save Me (2016) 6th Day Total Box Office Collection

The horror factor of the movie Mummy- Save Me gets intensified due to the fact that the plot is based on a true event. The storyline of Mummy-Save Me revolves around 7 months pregnant mother and her 6-year-old daughter. The family moves from Bangalore to Goa after the death of her husband, they move to a big villa and family starts experiencing strange things. With an amount of 40 lakhs spent on the visual effects of the film this film of 36 crores grabbed the attention of the audience from the beginning of the film. The consistency of the suspensefactor is one of the reasons why the film had an impact on the audience,and the critics feel that the movie has enough potential to bag a good revenue as the weekend draws near. With the drop and rise of the box office collection, the movie Mummy-Save Me stood at 70 lakhs along with having the actors being praised for the fact that they did justice to the plot of the story.

In conclusion, the movie Mummy-Save Me box office collection seems promising as the weekends make a noticeable difference in the collection and the occupancy rate alike. In would be interesting to see how the movie does this coming weekend and whether there will be a drop or rise in the collection of the movie Mummy-Save Me.

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