The Mummy (2017): There has never been a Tom Cruise movie we have seen where the Hollywood actor has been unsuccessful in any of his attempts to save the world, be it illogical, irrational and absolutely impossible. And the strange part of it is, even in spite of the absurdity of his theatrics on screen, viewers always come back for second or even third helpings of his movies. Simply because it ensures kick-ass entertainment.

The Mummy(2017) starring Tom Cruise and Russel Crowe will hit the theatres on June 9, 2017.

Now, it seems that there will be a deviation of tradition for the Mission Impossible star as his upcoming movie titled “The Mummy‘ is one dark genre which the actor had not experimented with previously. Further, the director of the movie, Alex Kurtzman, told Entertainment Weekly that Cruise’s character may not save the day, unlike his character Ethan Hunt from the “Mission: Impossible” movie franchise.

“I won’t tell you too much more than that, other than to say: One of the things that I think has defined Tom Cruise movies, for 30 years, is that Tom Cruise always saves the day. You know whenever you’re in a Tom Cruise movie that he’s gonna figure out a way to save the day. And that’s great, and it’s why I pay my money to see his movies.”

-Alex Kurtzman, Director, The Mummy (2017)

For every person lying in wait for this fictional mystery-drama, there is quite a spot of good news as the first picture of the movie was officially released on twitter recently by Entertainment Weekly. The picture stars Cruise with Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe in the same frame and has already gone wildfire on the internet as fans lie in wait for the movie to hit the big screens. Tom Cruise plays Nick Morton in the movie who accidentally resurrects an evil Egyptian Goddess and Crowe plays Dr. henry Jekyll who is speculated to be the actor’s accomplice in the movie. Sofia Boutella stars as the evil Princess and Annabelle Wallis stars as Jenny. Famous TV stars Courtney B. Vance and Jake Johnson also star in film.

The Mummy is slated to hit the big screens on June 9, 2017.

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