Mr Robot Season 3 Premiere Date, Spoilers: Watch out for Elliot, Joanna and Leon

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Mr Robot Season 3

Mr Robot Season 3: Mr Robot, the critically acclaimed hacker drama series, wrapped up its second season in September. But in no wayare the creators done with the show which is just about getting into the thick of things. In fact, Mr Robot Season 3 was announced much before the series completed airing its second season. Though no official air date has been set yet, the third instalment of the show will go on air in 2017. But the makers have already promised an explosive upcoming season all around, with Elliot once again resuming the central focus.Keep an eye out for Joanna and Leon as well.

According to the show’s creator Sam Esmail, Elliot’s actions in the new season will redefine his character in many ways.“Season three, and the way I’ve been thinking about it, is sort of the return to Elliot — but not the naive Elliot we saw at the beginning of the season. It’s the Elliot we’ve seen go through this horrific experience from the first and second seasons, and with all of that in mind, that’s going to make this new Elliot come to fruition in the next season,” Esmailsaid in an interview. From the clues he has given out, it appears that in Mr Robot Season 3 Elliot will finally be seen taking a stand against the Dark Army.

Coming to Joanna Wellick, she is a character who can be relied on to become more desperate to succeed as things go further south. Tyrell Wellick’s ambitious wife is extremely devoted to him and is expected to do whatever necessary to help Tyrell get on with his plans. Despite most of the characters insisting that Tyrell is dead and remains alive only in Elliot’s distraught mind, he is indeed alive in flesh and blood, as was made clear in the concluding episode of Mr Robot Season 2. It is not clear, however, if Joanna knows about Tyrell being alive. But sources speculate that she will do everything in her power to keep him safe. According to this report, Joanna will proactively try to clear Tyrell’s name and suspected involvement in the 5/9 attack. ActressStephanie Corneliussen, who plays Joanna Wellick on the show, has also confirmed that the character will figure in a big way in Mr Robot Season 3. Being an incredible manipulator, she has a master plan for what she wants to achieve, she says. What exactly her plans are, and how she will proceed to have them fulfilled, remains to be seen.

Besides Elliot and Joanna, another character to watch out for in Mr Robot Season 3 is Leon. This character has been more distressing than others to figure out, and it remains yet uncertain which side Leon is truly on. It has appeared in the past as if the character is caught between two sides of his personality, and his appearance in the Season 2 finale where he came upon fsocietyhackers Trenton and Mobley especially raised a lot of questions about his intentions. While he certainly may be on his way to carrying out the instructions of Whiterose, some fans speculate that he may indeed have a secret message for them from Elliot. According to the show’s official Twitter account, Leon will occupy a lot of the limelight in Mr Robot Season 3.

Mr Robot Season 3 will air sometime in 2017, though a specific date has not been provided yet.

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