Mr. 420 (2016) Telugu Movie Review, Rating, Cast, Total Box Office Collection and Audience Response

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Mr. 420

Mr. 420: Directed by S.S Ravikumar the Telugu action-comedy movie Mr. 420 is finally going to hit the silver screens tomorrow. And the viewers were eagerly waiting to witness the happenings of the movie ever since the first look of it had come out. However, the trailer of Mr. 420 starring Varun Sandesh and Priyanka Bharadwaja in the lead roles created quite a lot of buzz among the viewers as it looks extremely promising. With the amalgamation of romance, comedy and action the movie is surely going to be a treat to the eyes for all the Telugu movie fans. The potency level of the trailer escalated right from the beginning of it as it depicted the action scenes with utmost perfection. Nevertheless, Varun Sandesh already has an immense fan following due to his acting prowess which was witnessed in his earlier film such as Happy Days, Kurradu, Kotha Bangaru and so on.

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Even fans of Priyanka Bharadwaja are anxiously waiting to witness her on the celluloid. Therefore, Mr.420 might acquire a lot of positive responses through the portrayal of its plotline. However, we at Fab Newz have shed some light on the movie review, cast and box office collection of the movie Mr. 420 (2016) for our readers.

Mr. 420 (2016) Star Cast

  • Varun Sandesh
  • Priyanka Bharadwaja
  • Raghu Babu
  • Sayaji Shinde
  • Ajaygosh
  • Prithvi
  • Raghu Karumanchi

Mr. 420 (2016) Movie Review and Rating

S.S Ravikumar’s action comedy movie Mr. 420 will depict how a young enthusiast (Varun Sandesh) cherishes every moment of his life when surrounded by his group of friends. They will be seen enjoying the petty things which life offers. However, the storyline will take a major turn when Varun’s love interest (Priyanka Bharadwaja) comes into the picture. Varun will be seen going head over heels for her, and how her aura charms him will surely keep the viewers intrigued towards the film. Nevertheless, as they say, every happy story has a twist to it even the plotline of Mr. 420 has an antagonist who will bring a lot of turmoils for the love birds. However, Ajaygosh will be portraying the character of an extremely corrupted man who creates innumerable hindrances for people. And the most intriguing part of the movie would be when Varun will be witnessed fighting all the odds by emerging as the ultimate hero.

The viewers have a lot to look forward to the happening of Mr. 420 tomorrow, as it promises to keep up with their expectations with the portrayal of its storyline.

Mr. 420 (2016) Movie Rating

Direction: 3/5

Acting: 3/5

Editing: 2/5

Plot: 2.5/5

Music: 2.5/5

Mr. 420 (2016) Audience Response

The curiosity buds of the viewers were already tickled right after the trailer launch of action comedy film Mr. 420. The portrayal of the budding romance between Varun Sandesh and Priyanka Bharadwaja would be the major highlight of the movie. And all the Telugu movie lovers appreciate watching a film which has a little bit of drama along with romance and comedy as well. So, Mr. 420 would definitely leave the viewers in awe by bringing out the exact requirement of the movie with extreme excellence. The trailer of Mr. 420 which was released almost two months back assures the fans that that the scenarios of the movie will establish the potency level of the storyline with utmost perfection.

Nevertheless, moviegoers are eagerly waiting to hit the theatres tomorrow to witness the action comedy film on the silver screens.

Mr. 420 (2016) 1st Day Total Box Office Collection

The makers of Mr. 420 are expecting to surpass the production cost of the film which is almost Rs. 6 Crores. And the fan following of Varun Sandesh and Priyanka Bharadwaja will definitely drag innumerable viewers to hit the theatres. Sayaji Shinde is also playing a key character in the movie and he is already known for his acting prowess in his earlier films. Therefore, the action comedy film is expected to do quite well at the worldwide box office. However, Mr. 420 is expected to settle down to an amount of Rs. 1.5 Crores at the domestic box office on its first day of release.

Nevertheless, there are a lot of Telugu movie lovers residing overseas and they would not afford to miss out on watching Mr. 420. And when compared to the production budget of the film Mr. 420 is expected to do quite well at the overseas box office as well. However, with a worldwide screen space of almost 600, Mr. 420 is expected to settle down to an amount of Rs. 90 Lakh at the overseas box office on its first day of release.

With a budget of almost Rs. 6 Crore and a worldwide screen space of 600 approximately Mr. 420 is expected to acquire an amount of almost Rs. 2.4 Crore at the worldwide box office on its first day of release.

Mr. 420 (2016) Final Verdict

The breathtaking trailer of Mr. 420 promises the viewers to keep them engrossed towards the storyline of it till the curtains fall. And the portrayal of Varun Sandesh and Priyanka Bharadwaja’s love story will be an absolute treat to the eyes, as it will come as a breath of fresh air for them.

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