Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 5 Techie Gifts for Moms

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Mother’s Day Gift

Mother’s Day Gift Guide – 5 Techie Gifts for Moms:Mothers are one of the kindest, smartest, and greatest people we’ll ever know. And perhaps one of the toughest occasions of the year to shop for gifts and presents is Mother’s Day. For sure, you don’t want to give her the basics like chocolates and a bouquet of flowers. However, it seems that the choices are definite when it comes to thinking of any other ideas.

Mothers might not be the first people to come to mind when you consider techie or gadget presents, but these gifts may provide some additional value in their lives. With a few days to go, there’s still a lot of time to formulate, buy, and wrap an outstanding present for your mom.

If you’re thinking of conveying your gratitude and admiration for the mothers in your life this mother’s day with a techie gift, we’ve got the ultimate guide for you, mother lovers! Mothers on all ends would certainly appreciate them. So check them out!

Bluetooth Tracking Device: Tile-Mate

Mother’s Day Gift

In most cases, whenever we lose track of something, we automatically ask our mothers to help us locate it. However, every once in a while, moms lose track of things as well. Tile-Mate will help your moms secure all their important items will never go far from her reach.

The Tile item trackers could be a very helpful device for your mother. They can use it to locate almost everything from their car keys to their tablet or smartphone, as long as the missing thing is within a 100 ft Bluetooth range, they can make use of the Tile application to find it down.

All they have to do is to stick the tiny device onto whatever they’d want to ensure they can find it whenever they need it. This Bluetooth tracking device is ideal in households where mess and chaos may cascade with no prior warning.

Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Neato Botvac Connected Vacuum

Gone are those days where your mom can complain about the sweeping and cleaning not being done. You can take the inconvenience out of household errands by giving your mom a smart, diligent machine like the Neato Botvac Connected Vacuum.

Powered by either an application from an Android device or an iPhone or merely by motion sensors. The robot vacuum cleaner can clean your home faster than your mother. They’re a pleasant way to get a relatively mundane household task done.

The Neato Botvac Connected Vacuum is perhaps the leading machine, applying the similar navigation technology system Google applies to its self-driving vehicles. It utilizes lasers to examine the room it’s cleaning, observing any snags and then coming back to its original place.

Smart Speaker: Amazon Echo

Another excellent option to give to your mom this Mother’s Day is the Amazon Echo smart speaker, affiliated to the voice assistant named Alexa. You can give any skills to this smart speaker about the contents your mom would want to access on a daily basis, such as radio, music subscriptions, local services, and news.

Aside from that, your mom can also use this device in regulating or handling any smart home devices in your home. If your mother does not already have one, then it’s probably best buying her an Amazon Echo now.

Your mom can turn on a million skills to activate all sorts of voice-stimulated functionality, such as recipe information, buying things, weather information, setting timers, and reading news headlines. You can also say the word “meow” to the Amazon Echo and it’ll “meow” back, just what mothers need after a hectic day.

E-reader: Kindle Oasis

Sure, there are tons of inexpensive Kindles out there in the market or any online stores such as Deal Wiki. However, there are, for the most part, two rationales as to why your mother deserves the finest e-reader ever made. One, she is your mother. Secondly, the Kindle Oasis comes with a backup battery, a combination screen cover, and rated right.

The Amazon’s Kindle Oasis has a thoughtful and flawless design, the clearest, most paper-like e-ink display. Its heaviness draws lightly to one side, making it convenient and complacent for people who prefer one-handed reading.

Plus, it has a leather cover for which you can cover and uncover, lengthens the battery life to months. Kindle Oasis is perhaps the most advanced and the best product the Amazon has ever manufactured, and probably the most excellent option for anyone who craves for ebooks like your mom.

Coffee Maker: AeroPress

If your mom loves coffee, then Aeropress coffee maker is perfect for her. Aeropress coffee maker is something that your mom would truly appreciate this Mother’s Day. It’s a slimline machine for brewing espresso and coffee on the go.

It is certainly a must-have device for busy mornings. This device requires a little of your time to put hot water, mix, and plunge. Mothers can pack it in their bags because it’s so compact and take it wherever she goes. All you have to do is to add the coffee grounds and hot water and use the strength of your arms to create brewed coffee and espresso.


This forthcoming Mother’s Day, think about treating your mother to a gift, whether just plain fun or thoughtful. Shopping for gifts for your mom this Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be difficult. Take a look at the five gadgets above for your reference so that you can get it in time for your mom’s special day.

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