Monica Bellucci’s Hot Film Festival Kicks Off

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Monica Bellucci’s

There is only few actor who does not need a film name to address his or her to others and there are some other actors who just need to tell the name of the character played in any film to make a self-introduction. Such a kind of actress is Monica Bellucci. This Italian actress is not an unknown name, she has got fans all over the world from teens to 80-year-old men. Her character name (same as movie name) Melena is worldwide popular for years.

She is currently 52 and still looks racy in her appeal at any time. She does not need any special costume to showcase her beauty and adorableness. Her recent entry at Cannes film festival opening day ceremony shows how beautiful and charming is she now also. She entertained guests with a playfully intimate exchange at the 70th annual opening ceremony of Cannes FF on Wednesday evening. She kicked off the festival with her viral Liplock with 38 year old French Co-star Alex Lutz. Wearing a semi-sheer black Dior gown, the former Bond girl grabbed a handful of Alex’s hair as she pushed his face toward her own before locking lips. This news and pics became viral in media all over the world.

Anyway, this gave a huge publicity to the start of Cannes film festival and fans are happy to see their favourite actress back in action again. This became a viral and dream kick off to 2017 Cannes film festival. Let see some of her dazzling photos during this event which is more than enough to attract each of us.

This really put the set and the audience on fire. She looks ravishing and splendid with this black coustume

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