Modular shelving options for your home or business

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Storage: few of us can get away without it. Try as we might, decluttering and minimalist living only takes us so far. Besides, there are always precious objects we want to display, books we want to read (or reread) and essential items we need to keep safe. However, whether at home or at work, finding a practical way to store such things can prove something of a conundrum.

Built-in shelving

Many people first consider traditional style built-in shelving. Although this can provide an aesthetically pleasing solution, particularly in the recesses either side of a chimney breast, it can be difficult to fit well and is very difficult to remove and reuse elsewhere. Custom-made built-in shelving can also be expensive and, at least in the eyes of some, old-fashioned.

Modular shelving

Consequently, it’s no surprise that increasing numbers of us are turning to the more practical, modern and flexible solutions offered by modular shelving. Perfect for both home and business, there is a plethora of options.

Whether you want industrial shelving in Ireland, shelving for a home office in Wales, living room shelving in Scotland or shelving for a small business in England, you’re sure to find the ideal solution. Indeed, your hardest task may be putting the shelves together (if you buy a flat pack product). Luckily, there are plenty of online resources, such as the BBC’s guide to safe DIY to help the DIY novice.

The main point behind modular shelving systems is that they can adapt and grow (or shrink) as your storage needs change. Most types can be packed up and removed to a different room or property and even wall-hanging units are generally designed with flexibility in mind. Most large DIY chains and home furnishing stores will have all the options and more than anyone could wish for. Much of it is multi-purpose, such as, and suits home use just as well as it does business use.

Reverse osmosis

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You might choose a stacking modular system, either for the aesthetics of the item or for its usefulness as a room-divider. Alternatively, if you have large stretches of wall to fill, you might prefer a wall-mounted model. Freestanding models are also popular. Needless to say, modular shelving is available made up of wood, laminate, metal and heavy-duty plastic, and at price points to suit all pockets.

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