Modi’s US Visit May Take New Turns

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After the second time visit of the Indian Prime Minister to the US, it being said that India may soon join the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR), because, after the meeting, many of the obstacles have been removed, and things are moving positively, according to a senior US official.

“We do expect that India will join MTCR very quickly. I think things are moving positively,” a senior Obama administration official said. So, the officials are hopeful about India joining the 34 Nations group.

After being considered as one of the nuclear powers of the world, it is time for India to join another confederation of 34 nations. Obama like always has strongly backed India for the joining into the MTCR and three other export control regime – Australia Group, Nuclear Suppliers Group, and the Wassenaar Arrangement. However, many critics are looking at this as a strategy to make India the market pool for selling the arms made in the United States. This is because, through this, India will be able to buy the Predator drones from the US and export its high-tech missiles to friendly nations.

While talking of treaties one that has to be mentioned is that the membership of India in the Nuclear Suppliers Group is being openly opposed by China. But Obama and his administration have kept fingers crossed for the moment when India will gain the membership. A US official said that still, some procedures are under operation regarding the membership of NSG. So, things are not yet completely settled.

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