Modi-Obma Relation to Turn Unlikely?

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Following the news of Modi’s flight to the US, many speculations are being made in different spheres by different people. The US President Barrack Hussain Obama, has every time heartily welcomed the Indian Prime Minister. This is the second time during his tenure that the Prime Minister is travelling to the United States. However, the New York Times has described that the friendship between the two, namely Obama and Modi is ‘unlikely’.

“There are few relationships between Obama and another world leader more unlikely than the one he has with Modi,” The New York Times said ahead of what will be the seventh meeting between Modi and the US president.

The two countries being democratic one of which is the oldest democracy and the other the largest democracy, the bond between these two are important on the part of both. For the USA, India is important and has to be kept in the palm to give China a beat. If Obama wants to gain control over Asia, then India is largely important ally. Now on the part of India, it is important to be friendly with the US to have access to the American companies for the business purpose. The relation is unlikely.

Obama has made the protection of minorities a central pillar of his life because he believes that “criticism and dissent are core tenets of democracy.” On the other hand, Modi has spent much time of his life working with the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, a right-wing paramilitary organisation that campaigns forcefully for India’s Hindu majority. So, the ground of religion might be the cause affecting the ally.

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