Model Demie Rose Creates A New Sensation

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Model Demie Rose

Model Demie Rose who is a great DJ Player has made up another record for herself. She is regarded as the World’s most sexiest DJ. This beautiful woman has a perfectly toned body and is hitting the media with her bold photoshoot which she has recently done.


From the bikini attire to the swimsuit feel, Demie has opted for all kind of outfits. She has wore some fascinating outfits which make her body look gorgeous and the way she carries them made more style statement about her.  This model has even gone topless to make her photo shoot, the sexiest one.


Her Social Media is full of her stunning pictures which explain her beauty and bold attitude. She is just 22 and is already rocking the media world with her glamorous hot picture which should not be missed.

This leading lady Instagram account shows that she is loved by people. Her list of followers is 5.9 million and she has posted 929 pictures. Coming to her following list she follows around 303 people which explain her to be quite chosen for her friend list.   She has just released her first track last week in Ibiza which is creating a hype in the region.


As per reported by the sources, Demi is planning big things with her music. She is attracting attention in Ibiza and is having some meetings out there this week to get a better pathway for her career. Demi is a beautiful girl but she also has talent when it comes to creativity.


So this bold and beautiful young face is all zipped up to make people aww with her music along with her sensational pictures which will definitely give major body goals to the women of the town and make boys go crazy while admiring her figure.

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