Missing On A Weekend (2016) 1st Day Box Office Collection

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Missing On A Weekend

Missing on a Weekend, the Indian crime-drama film directed by Abhishek Jawkar, comes to theatres today. The film follows the story of an investigation that ensues after a group of friends holidaying in Goa are brutally murdered, leaving but one survivor. Crime thriller films are generally well-received by audiences, so the makers of Missing on a Weekend possibly expect its First Day Box Office Collections to generate considerable revenue.

Famous tourist areas, with their continuous ebb and flow of temporary visitors, often make for the perfect setting for widespread criminal activities. Goa, in India, is the perfect example of such a setting. The small city with its pristine beaches and raging party scene attracts more people from all over the world than any other locales in its vicinity; but its reputation has been tarnished by a barrage of recent mishaps. As always, Bollywood wants to cash in on the situation surrounding an area so close to it. That’s precisely what Abhishek Jawkar’s newly released film Missing on a Weekend aims to do.

Missing on a Weekend 1st Day Box Office Collection (Domestic):

The trailer released by the makers seems to have piqued public interest. It showcases an intense Pawan Malhotra in the role of a special agent who is charged with solving the muddied case of a series of unexplained disappearances and deaths among a group of friends during their stay in the party capital of India. As far as action-suspense-thrillers go, the trailer looked promising, armed with the powerful act delivered by Malhotra. However, reviews for the film have not been so positive, as critics have pointed out the desperate wanting of convincing acting skills among the rest of the cast.

Missing on a Weekend follows the quest of top cop Ali Ansari, as he investigates a most perplexing case. Laksh, played by Karan Hariharan, has been found unconscious on a beach. But upon recovery, he seems to have no memory of earlier events. Meanwhile, all his friends have either disappeared or are dead. This makes Laksh the prime suspect in the whole case as the sole survivor. The case becomes even more entangled as he appears to have been set up as a scapegoat by other, more powerful players.

The film that has been produced by Rajesh Patange, Sebastian Joseph, and Abhishek Jawkar was earlier slated for a July 1 release. But troubles with the Central Board of Film Certification as well as Goa Tourism officials have delayed it to August 26.

Going by public approval and critics’ ratings, Missing on a Weekend is expected to make around 1 crore on its opening day at the box office. Despite strong performances from its two main actors, Malhotra and Hariharan, the film lacks the power to keep audiences engaged in the crime-suspense fest it aspires to be. Moreover, with strong contenders at the box office like Rustom and Happy Bhag Jayegi which have yet had a strong presence, it will be difficult for a flawed, smaller-budget piece like Missing on a Weekend to smash it at the box office.

Missing on a Weekend 1st Day Box Office Collection (Worldwide):

Missing on a Weekend is expected to have a total collection of 2 crores worldwide, with biggies from both Hollywood and Bollywood still going strong.

  • Missing On A Weekend (2016)

    Missing On A Weekend (2016) 1st Day Box Office Collection

    Missing on a Weekend, the Indian crime-drama film directed byAbhishek Jawkar, comes to the…

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