Minister for Women and Children Maneka Gandhi Unveils a New Draft on Trafficking

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Maneka Gandhi

The minister for women and children, Maneka Gandhi, announced the draught of the first ever comprehensive and compassionate bill of the Human Trafficking. The measure that should have been taken long back right during the time the Constitution was framed has been draughted now by Gandhi.

The new draught says that the survivors and the victims of the trafficking will not be treated as victims anymore. Rather, they will be treated as victims who need help, assistance and security. Just in the way a rape victim is treated, the victims of the trafficking will be given the same. The good measure should have been taken long back according to the minister.

Maneka Gandhi


No accurate figure could be found for the trafficking but according to some survey conducted by the ministry, India ranks in the list of the top countries in South East Asia as far as trafficking is concerned. Most of the victims of the trafficking are either women or children. The other countries where this happens are Bangladesh and Nepal. Many of the trafficked are sold into forced marriage or bonded labour to work in middle-class homes as domestic servants, in small shops and hotels or confined to brothels where they are repeatedly raped.
“The bill shows far more compassion and makes a very clear distinction between the trafficked and the trafficker, which is a nuance that should have been made 60 years ago,” Gandhi said

The reports show that most of the people trafficked is promised of providing jobs in the cities and is sold to the brokers for domestic or sex work or to industries such as textile workshops.

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