Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date, Rumoured Features

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Microsoft Surface Book 2

Microsoft Surface Book 2: Hybrid devices are not something new. In fact, the most revered names in the tech industry have been coming up with their own renditions for quite some time now, and while some have not met people’s expectations in merging two kinds of existing standard gadgetry, others have been pretty successful. Microsoft‘s answer to the trend came in 2015 for computer lovers in the form of the Microsoft Surface Book, which married the portability of a tablet with the functionality of a laptop. But while the device was generally well received because of its sophisticated design alongside being a powerful Windows 10 device. But as it always happens with new gadgets, the Surface Book still left something to be desired despite being praised on most accounts. Now more than a year after the Surface Book’s release, fans are looking forward to seeing something new from Microsoft, leading them to shift their focus to Microsoft Surface Book 2, the yet unconfirmed device that is supposedly next in line.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Rumours- Already in development?

According to reports, the Surface Book 2 is already in development. This was surmised after one app developer on a visit to the Microsoft 88 building earlier this year spotted a place for an unknown Surface device with the caption “Coming Soon.” While it is not entirely certain that the anticipated device on the wall will be a Surface Book, sources have hinted that Microsoft is experimenting with a number of devices under the Surface brand. It is notable that three other placeholders similar to the one mentioned are positioned next to it, with the year ‘2017’ marked clearly. It is tempting to conclude based on these reports, that we will hear something about the Microsoft Surface Book 2 sometime soon.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Features

There are a lot of rumours doing the rounds about the Microsoft Surface Book 2. Most of what have surfaced as speculations are based on the things that users found lacking in the original device. The Surface Book was an expensive device and yet users were confused about some of its aspects. Now with the Surface Book 2 looming on the horizon, here we discuss a few of the features that could make it a serious contender in a continuously evolving technical market.

Last year’s Surface Book has one glaring issue which involves its docking mechanism: it uses a unique Muscle Wire Lock mechanism which requires electricity to work. While the system is generally quite solid, the tablet part of the device (called Clipboard) cannot be detached when it runs out of power. Additionally, the Surface Book’s docking mechanism is also software-dependant, which makes it easy for an unforeseen system glitch to affect the detachment of the Clipboard. With a better and more efficient docking system, the new Surface Book 2 could address the simple issue that has acted as a serious turn off for many users.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Battery: While the Surface Book, being a bona fide hybrid device, comes with two batteries (one for the Clipboard and the other for the keyboard), but we expect the Surface Book 2 to launch with a better battery powering its Clipboard. The 18Wh cell inside the Clipboard in the Surface Book has been reported by several users to provide them with poor longevity when used independently, with many complaining about it being drained within less than three hours. The Surface Book 2 being a premium hybrid device which will obviously be priced similarly to 2015’s edition, Microsoft is expected to make some upgrades on the battery front.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Build: Microsoft favours a magnesium alloy formula to build its Surface Books compared to other companies who usually opt for aluminium based formulas. Microsoft says that this provides for a more durable body while making the Surface Books lighter as well. However, 2015’s Surface Book weighs significantly higher than many of the competing hybrid devices on the market, making portability an issue, while being thicker at the same time. This does not sit well with many users who feel that the dimensions aren’t quite suitable for the kind of battery life that supports it. However, it is highly probable that Microsoft will utilise the latest technologies to make the Surface Book 2 a thinner and lighter weighing device.

The new and improved Surface Book 2 is rumoured to be powered by the latest seventh generation Core i series chip from Intel which is built with a 14-nm manufacturing process. The new chip called Kaby Lake is said to be able to power thinner, lighter devices more efficiently than its predecessors that are found in the Surface Book. The inclusion of this new processor will also provide a boost to the Microsoft Surface Book 2‘s display, as it claims to be able to manage 4K Ultra HD content far more efficiently than the Skylake.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Display: One of the major factors that presented a challenge to new users was the 3:2 aspect ratio screen. It is unclear if Microsoft will change that to a more regular 16:9 or even 4:3 with the new Surface Book 2. While the traditional display types are what the masses are generally used to, the 3:2 ratio screen is in a league of its own. Users can use Microsoft’s sophisticated Surface Pen Stylus on the Surface Book 2, which makes it akin to being a piece of paper. Many users have reported have affirmed that the Surface Book’s display makes it more relatable to something they can scribble on, being roughly the dimensions of an A4 sized paper. It may just be that Microsoft will decide to retain this element in the Surface Book 2.

On the other hand, the inclusion of the Kaby Lake chip may contribute towards an upgrade in the 3000×2000 resolution that the Surface Book presently uses. As mentioned earlier, Intel’s Kaby Lake is designed for seamless 4K content handling in thinner devices, making for sophisticated gaming experiences and similar uses. So it is possible that the display of the Microsoft Surface Book 2 will be scaled up to support a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160.

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Release Date

The Microsoft Surface Book 2 is very likely to be in development at present and is expected to be announced in 2016 itself. Going by the information posted above about some Surface devices being in the pipeline for 2016 and 2017, we are expecting to hear something about the Surface Book 2 at Microsoft’s upcoming Windows 10 event scheduled for October 26. Stay tuned for more updates.

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