Microsoft Investing in LinkedIn Stretched Focus Towards Social Networking

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In a recent event held on Monday, Microsoft has planned onto invest whopping 26.2 billion USD with LinkedIn simply to enter into social networking segment. The deal subjected under professional terms along with stretching full focus towards social blogging as well as a digital market. The move might help in adding the tool to connect with business rather just getting famous as hardcore software conglomerate.

Microsoft tends to adhere similar category social networking site Facebook which would eventually help in disassociating from technology thus gripping upon service entitled to business around cloud computing. Both the company agreed on a deal consisting of definite agreement with appropriate perspective that is likely to close later this year.

Satya Nadella, CEO Microsoft claimed that, This deal brings together the world’s leading professional cloud with the world’s leading professional network.LinkedIn has grown a fantastic business and an impressive network of more than 433 million professionals.

On the other hand, professional networking site LinkedIn has complete access to retain its distinctive brand, culture and independence. The conglomerate enabling logged in members to connect with similar innate traits help them to recruit jobs in a familiar manner. Lately, the conglomerate has been shifting its focus towards digital market segment thus trying to expand its visibility with the help of more messaging and mobile application thus redefining its authority for increased priorities.


The proposed acquisition would enhance productivity, reinventing ambitiously, integrate services through various business processes. All companies have a collection of data regarding its users, such as contacts and calendars whereas complimenting it latter firm consists of biographical and professional personal information.

Nadella added further that, “If you connect these two graphs, that’s when the magic starts to happen.The acquisition gives Microsoft a great way to keep a pulse on what business users are doing on the web and how they may use certain tools and products.Also,  give the company lots of knowledge in what and how to deploy future products.”

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