Mental Health Day off from work takes the Internet

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There are some good things that the Internet focuses on. While most of the time, it fixates on the negative, every now and then, the Internet surprises us with positivity, sharing values and tips to get us through our difficult times. Recently, everyone focused on the importance of mental health when the boss of an employee in Michigan replied to an email in a positive way.

Madalyn Parker is a Michigan based web developer and suffers from mental health issues like depression and anxiety. She wrote an email to her team that she is utilizing her sick leave of two days to focus on her mental health and well-being and will return to the office refreshed. Her email was replied to by her boss who appreciated her focusing on her mental health and calls Madalyn an important person in cutting the stigma towards mental health. She posted the exchange of emails on Twitter and has already gotten more than 15,000 retweets.

She isn’t alone, however. A study by the Center for Disease Control shows that only 17% of American adults live a mentally healthy life. Celebrities like Prince Harry and Lena Dunham, have openly admitted to being mentally unhealthy.

However, there still continues to be a social stigma against mental health. It is not considered to be a part of our physical health and mental disorders aren’t considered worth seeking help for. A research indicates that more than half of Americans do not wish to have a co-worker who is mentally sick or have someone, who is mentally sick, marry into their family.

Employers should be supportive of a frank working environment and open about mental health. They should organize stress management training and mental health check-up camps. Employees, on the other hand, should also be open about their mental health and be supportive of their co-workers’ mental health. They should help each other out dealing with stress and everyday tasks. The stigma against mental health can only be removed by generalizing the term and bringing it to everyday use.

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