Melania Trump: Condemned By People For The Christmas Selfie She Posted

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Donald Trump proclaims to have won the war on Christmas.

So now he can maybe turn his interests to the war against his wife.

Indeed, the First Lady is under attack at the moment after sharing a rather distinctive selfie on Instagram with her followers.

On a perspective to celebrate this special season, the 47-year-old tweeted the picture on Monday using a Christmas-themed filter that included a Santa Claus hat and dancing golden reindeer.

It was snapped at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s self-described “winter White House” in Palm Beach, where the first family is enjoying their vacations.

Trump simply wrote “#MerryChristmas” as the caption.

WASHINGTON, DC – AUGUST 26: U.S. President Donald Trump (L) and first lady Melania Trump walk from Marine One to the White House after returning from the G7 summit August 26, 2019 in Washington, DC. The 45th Group of Seven summit was hosted by French President Emmanuel Macron in the seaside town of Biarritz. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

But others had a lot more to say.

Cried one Twitter user:

Disgraceful for a First Lady, Christmas or not. You gove the appearance of a model on a photo shoot for the front page of Hustler.

I’m sure the elderly and poor will appreciate this photo gave how you and hubby don’t bother about them, only your millionaire friends at Mar-a-Largo.

Added another critic:

Incredibly tacky and an insult to the position of First Lady. #embarrassing #trumpba

It’s not too hard to see why people are having a problem here, right?

This picture does not exactly scream “CLASSY FIRST LADY!”

Then again, is it the job of a First Lady to be chock full of class at all times?

This isn’t the first time Melania Trump has garnered backlash in relation to Christmas.

Folks on the World Wide Web were equally curious about her holiday decorations this year, as she chose a different color scheme for inside the White House than one might expect for Jesus Christ’s birthday.

After the White House unveiled this year’s Christmas decorations – a collection titled “Time-Honored Traditions” that included 71 wreaths, 12,000 ornaments, and 18,000 feet of lights – designed by Melania herself, trolls on the Internet regarded it creepy.

But while Melania has also heard it from haters for certain pieces of attire she wears for simply stealing from Michelle Obama, America doesn’t hate her as much as it hates her dear husband.

According to a recent CNN poll, 44 percent of citizens have a positive view of the First Lady.

That’s probably more than the percentage of rational people who hold a positive view of the President.

Overall, most voters just feel bad for Melania, who reports having indicated is very miserable at the White House.

No wonder she may or may not have hired a body double to stand alongside The Donald on a special day

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