Meet BHIM, India’s First Superpower Drone Developed By IIT Kharagpur

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An IIT Kharagpur research group has developed the country’s first superpower drone named BHIM, named after the second and the mightiest Pandava. This fully indigenous drone is just under a metre in length and has an extra-tough exterior, which makes it an immenselyvaluable asset for both civilian and military use. BHIM has been built with an eye on superior imagery as well as in aiding in rescue efforts in remote areas. The drone has been built on the Internet of Things or IoT platform.

The BHIM drone is capable of creating a Wi-Fi zone in a 1-km radius when in aerial flight. With a heightened battery life of seven hours, the new drone will also prove to be of value for conflict zones like a battlefield,w where visual reconnaissance is of the utmost importance. The drone is said to have capabilities which far exceed those in its category. It is capable of aiding the rescue of people and security forces as well.

BHIM also boasts of night vision, which makes it able to work both at night during extreme emergencies. During situations involving crowd control and controlling of fires, the drone may be of use as well. Due to the Wi-Fi network coverage, the drone will also provide uninterrupted network coverage which will aid in search and rescue operations in far-flung areas as well. The indigenously developed drone will also aid in performing integrity checks for boundary walls and to find out any extant breaches as well.

Perhaps the one factor most important when one considers the usefulness of the BHIM drone is its long flight time. It can stay in flight for a long time and will be able to drop supplies by mini parachutes as well. With its vision-based remote guidance, the drone can also determine if an area is crowded or not. It will then fly away to land in a safer place if necessary.

The drone, developed by IIT Kharagpur, is lightweight and is cheaper than most of its competitors. The drone is aptly called BHIM as the drone is made of powerful materials resistant to crashes. With the IoT platform, the inter-networking of physical devices will also be successfullycompleted by the drone. It will also be able to identify and interact with buildings, vehicles, and other objects embedded with the latest technology to collate and receive data. Of course, the durability and ease of use will be determined once real-life operations begin. Experts suggest that this is a major step in the ‘Make in India‘ program to produce indigenous drones.

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