Medication vs Natural remedies for erectile Dysfunction: Which should you choose?

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Many people are worried by the thought of taking medication on a regular basis for health conditions and it’s also important for all patients to have the information needed to make informed healthcare decisions. The following guide looks at healthcare remedies for erectile dysfunction from the patient perspective and discusses available options, such as choosing natural remedies rather than prescribed or over-the-counter medications.

If you’re affected by erectile dysfunction at any time in your life, it can severely impact on your mood and enjoyment. Take time to learn more about the natural remedies and medications that can help you deal with this condition and even reverse it altogether.

Medication vs natural remedies

Treatments and therapies for erectile dysfunction

Any consumer should learn about the rationale of every prescribed medication, together with the associated benefits and any potential side effects. For example, treatment of erectile dysfunction with Viagra Sildenafil is far more cost effective than buying Viagra over-the-counter and can be more affordable than opting for a prescription from your GP.

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition which can affect men of any age, for a variety of reasons. It can also be a distressing condition which is difficult to talk over with a GP or Health practitioner. Men often put up with their symptoms, yet there’s a variety of treatments on the market. These include medications and natural remedies.

Some of the natural remedies for this condition include herbs, such as Ginseng and DHEA, and many of these can be easily purchased online or even in local pharmacies. Many chemists are learning to appreciate all the benefits of natural remedies and devote more shelf space to suitable products.

Medication vs natural remedies

Another successful natural remedy for erectile dysfunction can be making appropriate Lifestyle changes. Alterations to your diet, alcohol consumption and quitting smoking can all contribute to improvements or even reversal of erectile dysfunction. If you’re overweight or regularly use drugs, erectile dysfunction can also be negatively impacted. Ideally, reducing your weight, quitting drugs and smoking, and taking up regular exercise can all impact on this condition. You may also feel your condition is a result of emotional or psychological damage from the past, so seeking appropriate therapies can also be a form of natural treatment that helps reverse your condition.

What about Viagra?

Viagra is a recognised treatment for erectile dysfunction and is the brand name for the medication Sildenafil. You can obtain prescriptions for Viagra from your GP or opt to buy the drug over-the-counter. You can also choose to buy Sildenafil direct from Post My Meds. We supply Sildenafil in a variety of strengths and all you need do is complete a quick online consultation and your medication will be despatched the same day. All UK deliveries are free of charge, so this is an affordable alternative to traditional Viagra treatments, but has exactly the same formulation. Get in touch for more details.


Finally, opting for medication or natural remedies for erectile dysfunction – or any other kind of medical condition – can often be a matter of personal choice. When you choose natural remedies such as lifestyle changes for a condition like erectile dysfunction, it may take some time before you actually experience the benefits. Drugs like Sildenafil or Viagra, on the other hand, will offer immediate benefits for your condition.

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