Maybank Mobile Banking App with QR Code Scanner and Augmented Reality Launched

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Maybank Mobile Banking App

Malayan Banking Berhad or popularly known as Maybank has launched an exclusive Mobile Banking App with QR Code Scanner and inbuilt Augmented Reality support. The Malaysia’s leading bank has understood the need for advanced security and requirement of ultra technicalities to keep up with the current pace the world is running.

Maybank has already become a monopoly by introducing the mobile banking app for its customers in late May 2016 to provide them with best of its class experience and support. Even the top officials of the Maybank confirmed that their first and foremost priority is to satisfy the customers as much as possible. Maybank Cambodia’s CEO Ms. Cynthia Liaw told us that they are working on the expansion of tech boundaries so that the customers can fully experience hassle-free fast banking every day.

Datuk Lim (Maybank Group Head of Community Financial Services), said

Maybank Mobile Banking App

“The Bank is determined to build its digital banking presence and meet the fast-evolving demands of customers, especially the younger generation.”

While using the Maybank mobile banking app you can check your account balance, latest debit/credit card purchases record, transfer money or do any banking work on the go. It means you won’t need to visit Maybank ATM or branch in order to do your day-to-day work.

The Augmented Reality support in the application comes handy if the customer is looking for a nearby ATM. It will eventually scan the surrounding and come up with real time location direction help to meet the desire of the user. However, the QR Code scanner and Loan Checker is currently available to the public which means you can take good use of that even if you are yet to become a Maybank customer.

This Maybank mobile banking app is just the introduction of an innovative and exciting line-up of other exclusive online services which are currently in the pipeline in Cambodia. It is indeed a revolutionary step forward taken by the Maybank to pioneer country’s digital banking with real style and finesse.

Currently, the Maybank Mobile Banking App is only available for free download from various popular platforms such as Apple’s iOS and the Google’s Android OS. You just need to run a search for “Maybank KH” to download the application. It will surely enhance your banking experience on-the-go.

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