Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Will Have Female Directors for Every Episode

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Jessica Jones Season 2:It has been more than a year since the first installment of Jessica Jones got aired on Netflix. The last episode of the season titled as AKA Smile depicted how Luke and Jessica seek help from a neighbor and one of the most intriguing part about the season was Kilgrave’s demise in the hands of Jessica Jones. The episode ended with quite a lot of unresolved questions for the viewers, therefore, they are definitely looking forward to getting those answers in Jessica Jones Season 2. Millions of fans had a reason to sigh when the web television series got renewed for its second season, and another good news was rolled out when sociologist and author Nancy Wang Yuen took to her Twitter handle to announce that all the episodes of Jessica Jones Season 2 will be directed by women. And this surely is good news for quite a lot of viewers.

Jessica Jones Season 2 Release Date

The fandom impatiently waits to get an insight into the release date of a new installment of any series whenever it gets renewed for its next season. Likewise, Jessica Jones fans are also waiting for the show runners to announce the official release date of the upcoming installment of Jessica Jones. And looking at the brighter side, Den of Geek has speculated that Jessica Jones Season 2 might be rolled out Netflix in late 2018. However, the speculated date seems to be quite legit as Marvel Television already have a lot of other series to look after right now.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones Season 2 Will Have Female Directors for Every Episode

Kilgrave was already killed by Jessica in the previous season, and now Game N Guide has speculated that the show runners might bring back Kilgrave once again in Jessica Jones Season 2 which is not unexpected. Therefore, the second season of Jessica Jones would surely have a lot to reveal which will make the viewers jaw-dropped.

The excitement has already escalated, and the fans are hoping that the makers of the show announce the release date of Jessica Jones Season 2 soon.

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