Marilyn Monroe TV Series in the Works

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Marilyn Monroe TV series

A TV series based on the final months of Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe’s life before her death in August 1962 is being developed.

The project from “Yellowstone” producer 101 Studios and UK production company Seven Seas Films, is based on Keith Badman’s non-fiction book “The Final Years of Marilyn Monroe”.

It’s also the first filmed project about the late star’s life to be endorsed by Authentic Brands Group, the owner of the Monroe estate. Seven Seas Films acquired the rights to Badman’s book in 2017, reports

“Marilyn Monroe is an enigmatic icon whose multifaceted life continues to inspire and intrigue us,” said Katie Jones, VP brand at Authentic Brands Group.

“She was a trailblazer who forged her own path, during a time when women’s voices were often ignored and silenced. It is the perfect time to tell her iconic story as the challenges she faced are still prevalent in women’s lives today.”

Marilyn Monroe TV series

The potential series will chronicle the turbulent final months of Monroe’s life, leading up to her death in 1962. It will follow her at a time when she found herself caught between warring factions of the Mafia, the Kennedy political dynasty and the Hollywood elite, including her dealings with Peter Lawford, who’s believed to be the last person to speak to Monroe before her death on August 5, 1962.

101 Studios CEO David Glasser said: “Beloved movie legend Marilyn Monroe has had many memoirs created about her life, but none quite like this. Keith Badman has uncovered gems of never-before-released details, centered around the last few months of her sensationalised life and the accusations made. The series pays homage to the bright star whose life was extinguished too early.”

Seven Seas Films co-founder Dan Sefton added: “Many people think they know the truth about Marilyn Monroe’s final months, but it’s a complicated and tragic story; one which we want to depict with compassion and sensitivity.”

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