Marie Kondo Your Home into Giving It a Minimalist Touch

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Marie Kondo

We’ve all binge-watched the infamous Marie Kondo series on Netflix about cleaning up and living the minimalist life. Another Netflix documentary that was big during 2015 was ‘Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things’ – it highlighted the importance of adapting the minimalistic lifestyle. The common theme in both these famous Netflix debutants is minimalism.

Gone are the days of heavy and flashy home dcor; people are shifting to a minimalistic approach when it comes to decorating their homes. People in India are now focusing more on quality rather than quantity by wisely spending money on their home dcor. Your house is a reflection of your personality, and you wouldn’t want it to reflect as messy and chaotic, would you?

Minimalism is a great way to declutter not only your space but also your mind. “Experiences bring more happiness and pleasure than possessions”, according to research conducted by Thomas Gilovich, a professor at Cornell University. Hence, it is time to adopt the popular KonMarie method and ask yourself, does this spark joy?

“Marie Kondo Your Home into Giving It a Minimalist Touch”

Here are a few minimalistic options you can consider when you are shopping for home decor online or at a store.

A Cozy Throw:Colombo Throw – Charcoal from Nicobar


When it comes to minimalism, there is no going wrong with monochrome. A beautifully textured and printed throw can balance out the crispiness of the palette. This ultra-soft throw with minimal tropical print is perfect for cozying up on the couch or just folded neatly at the end of your bed. You can wrap yourself up in it while watching more of those Netflix shows.

An Incense Holder:Banana Leaf Incense Holder

If your minimalistic house set-up pleases the eye, it should also please other senses such as the sense of smell. The best way to keep your house smelling divine is by going organic and switching over to incense sticks. A beautiful way to satisfy the Marie Kondo in you is to stick these incense sticks on a delicate silver incense holder and titillate your sense of smell. You can opt for fragrances such as Mogra and Sandalwood.

A Lantern:Mirage Lantern


The best kind of minimalistic dcor is the one that you can use in multiple ways. A glass lantern looks beautiful by itself and can also be used with candles, string lights or a bouquet! It looks lovely as a table decoration and at the place of worship as well. You can get them in different sizes and place them next to each other to complete that aesthetic look.

Statement Baskets:Ceylon Bamboo Basket from Nicobar


As mentioned before, you can never go wrong with monochrome! These monochrome bamboo baskets come in an eccentric checkered pattern. They are perfect for holding your little knick-knacks, magazines, and newspapers; helping you declutter your space in style. These baskets are not only utilitarian but also enhance your minimalistic house dcor.

Indoor plants:Brass Planter


Small houseplants and succulents are a great addition to minimalistic house dcor. They add a sense of liveliness and color to the dcor; you don’t need to have a green thumb as they are easy to maintain as well. You can hang your plants up or place them in a statement gold or brass planter anywhere in the house.

Adapting to the minimalistic lifestyle impels us to spend our money more wisely and choose the best things in life. Minimalism also makes our home look clean and tidy, now who doesn’t like that? However, it becomes a herculean task to find dcor that is a mlange of classy, contemporary yet minimal. To tackle this challenge, you can head over to online lifestyle brands such as Nicobar for gorgeous and aesthetically pleasing home dcor options. Buy home dcor online from such brands to lend your house an amalgamation of unique, classy, trendy and minimalistic touch. Go, Marie Kondo your space now!

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